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Interactive Content – Digital Marketing trend of 2020 28 May, 2020   

If you speak of instant access then interactive content is surely the fastest growing digital marketing trend of recent times that brings its user an engaging content with an immersive experience. Are you new to this concept? How and why to use this? Let’s check out!


More than just reading or watching, content that requires the active engagement of the user is termed as interactive content. It helps to facilitate better interaction between the user and the content creator. Some of the examples of interactive content are quizzes, competitions, online polls, etc.

Interactive content v/s conventional content

  • Over conventional content, interactive content is more visible to its users due to its impressive features.

  • Participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results in no time with interactive content.

  • Conventional content is lacking in engagement factor, but there is no such problem with interactive content.


There are many benefits of using Interactive content:

Higher engagement rate

Interactive content gives more value to the people in terms of their engagement on social media. This is, in turn, helps to increase the lead generation, link building, driving more traffic to your website.

Helps to capture relevant data

Interactive content helps to captivate the attention of users and you can get the relevant data. With the help of quizzes, online polls, etc. you can easily target the user to give you instant feedback which further helps to build your database.

Helps to increase brand loyalty

Interactive content helps to give you a greater chance of being liked and shared by users. This helps to build your brand loyalty as people start trusting you as an expert in your niche. This could be the beginning of a profitable relationship.


Interactive infographics

Most sharable forms of content, infographics need more resources to execute excellently. They can help in bringing massive traffic, many backlinks, and more user engagement. 

Interactive video

Adding an interactive element in a video is a smart strategy to engage the users and convey your message.

Surveys and polls

These are the successful form of interactive content which aims to get the feedback and generate new user data. The surveys should be engaging enough to convince people to finish all the steps. It is also recommended to reward the users accordingly.


One of the highly appreciable tools, the calculator needs a few efforts from users and gives them great value. The calculator is just based on numbers and can give an exact result of the gains


An interactive piece of content, it is also termed as a personality test. It helps to gain quality feedback in an objective form.

Interactive emails

E-mails are a special way to nurture your relationship with the client because it’s a one-to-one message. It is the job of an expert to craft an interactive email. 


Interactivity is the latest to boost your business as it is going to stay here for many years. The easy to use interactive content tools help to engage the users at the greatest level. This is a good sign for your business. But still, you feel the need of experts to help you out, please feel free to contact us any time. 


Digital Marketing trend of 2020 Interactive content infographics marketing

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