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Intelligent Character Recognition ICR Technology for Healthcare Sector 03 March, 2021   

Healthcare sector, the industry most in need to digitize its processes not to streamline its operations but also for the safety of their patients and their data. HIPAA, the regulatory body dealing with the medical industry has made it compulsory for the sector to electronically store medical information rather than manually storing the data and exposing it to all sorts of risks. ICR technology, that streamlines the data entry process can be a major advantage for the healthcare sector. In this article, we will highlight the use of Intelligent Character Recognition ICR Technology for the medical sector and the digitization of medical documents. 

What is Intelligent Character Recognition ICR Technology

Intelligent character recognition technology is the enhanced solution for OCR technology. OCR- Optical Character Recognition technology was developed to turn the documents into their digital form through data extraction. Now the solution has been integrated with artificial intelligence that makes it more efficient in the data entry process. The data can now be turned into its digital form from its image or handwritten from ICR technology. The intelligent form of OCR can now process the different types of languages as well. Its AI is trained on different document types as well that not only makes the transformation process more proficient but also allows it to analyze the authenticity of the document. The ICR solution uses pre-processing post-processing and data extraction techniques for the data entry process. It has assisted various industries to keep up with the fast-paced world. 

Why does the Medical Industry Require a Data Entry solution? 

The medical industry deals with thousands of data every day. The patients must provide their necessary information to get treated. This information is collected to ensure the identity of the patient, to see their insurance documents, and for the law enforcement authorities that are mostly involved in most medical cases. However, storing the information about each and every patient can be hectic and take a lot of time. This might be a real problem when there is a case of an emergency. The data stored manually can be at risk of a breach. Bad actors are always out to get their hands on the medical data as it worths a lot more than the credit card information on the dark web. This is the reason the regulators called out for the document digitization regulations for data protection. What is better to use than the ICR technology to digitize the documents securely. 

Health Care and ICR technology 

Optical Character Recognition OCR Software can be used to analyze the images of a paper document through the scanner and recognize the written characters and letters within it and then record the data. It takes only a few seconds and any type of document can be analyzed from it. It can also scan the QR code or MRZ code and analyze the information within. It is most useful as most medical information is stored in the QR and MRZ code like test reports and perspectives. 

Here are a few ways the medical industry can use data extraction for 

  • Clinical trial documents

  • Patent’s report

  • Clinical data or medical record

  • Lab notebooks

  • Prescriptions 

  • Patient’s identity documents 

  • Invoices or receipts 

New Use Case of ICR Technology 

A new use case for ICR technology came into existence in the pandemic-stricken world. Ever since the new regulations that require people to present their COVID-19 test reports, the medical industry can now embed the information of the report in the QR code. This way the ICR technology can be used to extract the QR codes and analyze the information within them. The fraudsters indulging in the developing business of fake covid reports would not be able to sell their fake reports as the ICR technology would analyze the QR and ensure its authenticity. 

To Wrap it up

The intelligent character recognition ICR technology is a technology that can extract data and transform it into its digital form from its handwritten or image form. Many businesses use it to streamline their business operations. Medical Industry can also benefit from it as it will ensure digital document regulations and streamline the data entry process for them. It can be very advantageous for data protection as well.

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