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Importance of Time Management- An Essay For Getting Productive 18 March, 2019   

We all get stuck with deadlines at some point of time or the other. We work relentlessly, vying to keep up with time but it always happens that we find ourselves asking this question to our table clocks at the end of the day, “Where did all the time go?” Believe me, you are not alone in this. We are complex, unarranged beings, grappling with the accommodation of large chunks of work in tiny bits of running time. And it is only natural that we struggle at times. And there is nothing wrong with having one unproductive day. But when the problem becomes perennial, it must set an alarm ticking. Time management is a vital art, the knowledge of which can take you to places and it can render your growth graph having a negative slope. The humongous importance of time management is what we would be talking here which aims to serve as your quintessential guide to productivity.

The Importance of Time Management

There are a lot of people out there. People who are good at doing things, and people who are great at doing things. If you have a given skill set and want to capitalize on it, know that there are a hundred thousand people in a close competition who boast of the exact skill set as you or even better than you. What is it then that makes your profile look edgy? Delivery. In Time Delivery. Period. Can you do something? Good. What time you can do it in is the question that matters the most. And that is where the priceless skill of time management comes into play. So, it’s essential to learn the importance of time management while there’s still time.

The world today is ruthless and busy. Time is money and it is scarce. You can be doing the best possible work you are capable of doing but chances of it going obsolete are huge when there are hundreds of other people doing the same work as you, probably in better margins of time, more efficiently. Back to square one, why would people want to buy what you have to offer when there are better, competent options available? Quality is essential but it needs to be backed by punctuality and it is when you learn to ride the tides of time that you really learn to win, be it business, work or life. That is what this time management essay is all about.

Why a Time management Essay?

There are loads of motivational books and podcasts out there. A lot of them talk about being productive and about the efficient utilization of time. Why did we have to write another essay then, you ask? Well, to sum them up. Reiterating the point I started with, to serve as your guide towards productivity. Now that you know why you absolutely can’t ignore the immense importance of time management, this will lead you through to resources that have the potential of changing your outlook towards life and how you view your time.

Where Does Your Time Go?

The key to productivity lies in where you choose to spend your time. What do you do when you have, say ten tasks to complete in a day? Author and investor Timothy Ferriss say that if you have ten tasks to do in a day, the chances are that you would while away all of your time and end up doing nothing. So, what do you do in such a case? According to Tim Ferriss, you should make a list of things to do and then pick up not the urgent but the important work. It is a fine difference most people fail to notice. Urgent is not necessarily important. Sending a mail might be urgent but it might not be of real value to your vision of your purpose in life. It does not fall into the category of importance. You need to clear your head and choose one thing on the list that will fill you with satisfaction and confidence if done right that particular day. Then you need to choose that particular task and then get it done. Timothy Ferriss talks more about time management and productivity in his book The Four Hour Workweek.  

You might be spending a lot of time doing work that is not of any real value. This situation is often termed as being pseudo busy where you just be busy being busy, not really doing anything. What you do in your leisure time is what defines you. You can spend your free time watching TV or get yourself educated with a good book. The choice is entirely yours and yet it is this gentle choice that makes the difference. The great people spend their time creating value, says motivational speaker and life coach Robin Sharma. He hosts a wide variety of podcasts about managing and using your time for what you think adds the sense of purpose to your life. He talks about the art of managing time so you are never very busy learning something new, meeting great people, and maintaining your health and relationships. He also discusses the maximum utilization of short spans of time to increase focus and improve efficiency and productivity.

Time is Money- Invest It Wisely

Airtract-ImageEach one of us has the same number of hours in our hands on a given day, yet some manage to get things done in minutes that others might take hours to do. What makes the overachievers different? How do they outsmart others? They have simply unlocked the hidden powers of the subtle art of time management and it is the most lethal in the gamut of weapons in their arsenal. The best players know how to play with time. They maintain a balance between all things important to life. They know that only a healthy body can outperform the average one and so they would never be too busy to exercise, they don’t waste their time watching TV shows on Netflix, they are constantly on their tablets, watching tutorials, reading good books, learning new skills. They know the importance of good sleep and never compromise on it. They know when to multi-task and do not let their concentration waver when they need to focus.

The magic lies in spending time so you can save it later. You need to invest in your time judiciously. Don’t save time by not working out or by cutting on your sleep hours. This time may save you a few hours at the instant but might lead to a really unproductive, inefficient day ahead. Taking time out for everything important is how you save time for things more important.


Time management is not rocket science. It comes easily to those who are aware of their moments. The ultimate way to be productive is to do the right things at the right time to keep your body and mind in the highest state of activity. A stock of work piled up can lead to frustration and angst. It is when you categorize and divide your time into tasks in their order of importance that you will be able to accomplish more in less time. The time today belongs to those who understand the importance of time management. Time is priceless and it must not be wasted is the point that we try to drive home with this time management essay and we hope that you made the best possible use of your five minutes that you invested in reading it. Have a productive time ahead!

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