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Importance of Art in Life and its Influences 20 November, 2018   

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”, that was Picasso’s words, he didn’t mean that we should all be an artist professionally, he meant that we must adore art, hold them close to our life when we move forward in life.

If you think to make money that even you won't need is the primary aspect of life, then you are way wrong, yes, without the income you can't do anything these days, but only with that, your life on this beautiful planet is also irrelevant.

Maybe an example of how dull the world would be without art can transmit the real idea about the importance of art, well, think about cars, think how dull it would be if we see the same car with the same color and design on every road and garage! Now you may ask, is car an art? Everything creative is art! Designers of vehicles are exceptional artists; they try to mold a vehicle so good that it should beat all its current competitors. I can go on with examples with music, dance, films and so on but you get the idea, right?

  Let's talk about ‘Artists’; think of a few names of people that come to your mind when you hear that word. Elvis Presley, Da Vinci, Ginger Rogers, Martin Scorsese, and some others might have popped up in your head, but what about that guy who painted graffiti on the street? Or the guy who took a rabbit out of the hat? We don’t realize how powerful the impact that art has on someone’s life. The guy who painted the wall on the streets might be trying to show the world something, the guy who shows off his magic tricks on the street might hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Maybe we should go into different levels on which art can influence you. I would like to choose two broad levels, Individual and Social levels, and it's not a class or theory, I just made that up so we can categorize the influences of art in life.

So, how does art affect your individuality?

  •   Even the greatest painters might have started off by drawing a house or mountain; the greatest dancers might have fallen on their back at the beginning! Having a passion for art can boost our creativity and even make us the best in that area, it’s all about the happiness we feel! There are plenty of courses for deep understanding and even the basic courses which can ignite the artist in all of us!
  •  Arts gives us immense pleasure and relief from stress. Following a music band, dancing for a tune, clapping for a magic trick, everything stabilizes our mind. Even painting our own house is part of that love we possess for art.

Many things please us; it might be a shape, a craft, an instrument or anything when we surround things that make us happy our life obviously becomes more relaxing.

Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist, said that when you stare or admire great artworks, the part of the brain which is stimulated is the same as when we fall in love.

                Well, Art is Love.

  • Art making is a form of revival and therapy. Visual expression, in the past, was used for healing, but nowadays art therapy surfaced as a profession. Art therapy orbit around the concept that creativity exists within every individual, we must unfold that inner creativity that will lead us on a healing journey.

Scientific results suggest that art has a joyous power on the brain, among stroke survivors, those who follow art enjoyed better health and found it easier to recover, also were less prone to depression and anxiety. The importance of art on a biological level is also something we must value.

  • Art can encourage critical thinking and opens up an opportunity to become an art critique. We all tend to think art boosts only our imagination and creativity, but it can improve cognition, memory and help someone to overcome social insecurities and overcome their fears. Art acts as an inspiration, so exposure to art is important, we don’t want a fruitless generation in the future.

Art programs are being reduced in academic schedules and include Trips or visits to museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites should be included in an academic curriculum so that children understand the importance of art (One artist Wolf Brinkman talks about how art and education can be connected and another person Graham Show tells us how drawing can help us to memorize things). 

How does art have a social impact on a person?

  • Art has a faster impact on a person; he can more deeply understand an event or situation by perceiving a picture or painting, for a student also, a depiction of what he studies is more catchy than a thousand words he hears from his teacher.
  • Art can help to showcase our talent to the society and gives you an opportunity to follow your dreams and become a successful artist. Thereby you have more reach and power to send your message to the world and even change it.
  • Art can take you places; not the literal meaning, but as in, you will be able to feel the backdrop of what it shows us. Imagine a huge picture which shows poverty in a region by showing a young girl and her surroundings; a powerful picture can drag us into that area and feel the dust and heat of that situation.
  • Let's embrace it! You and I will die sooner or later, but Art, it lasts forever. As we say ideas are bulletproof, Art is immortal. They get passed on from generations to generations. Let it be any form of art; they will always be of relevance. Rituals and traditions that we still celebrate is art that represents or tells a story about our people’s past.
  • Art can change the world. The importance of art is that it sends a message, a message so strong that it might form a revolution or else even a small change that can solve the issue of a minority. We often feel untouched by the miseries or problems many are facing in the world or even we don’t care about most of the environmental issues, we feel isolated and don’t feel the strength of being a part of a community.

This is where art comes in; Art may not directly tell people what to do, how to do but it delivers a thought of togetherness, creates mindsets that push us to be more engaging.

  It also brings people together who are up for discussions of social, political, ecological issues and who dare to take up a challenge that can change the world!

  • Art has no parameters of a typical language; you don’t need a translator, you show an image of a massacre, people know what it is, you sing a great song whose lyrics your audience might won't understand, but they would still move to the tune. It can surpass the language barrier.
  • Art illustrates things far better than how we could describe them using words. The old crafts show us what all our ancestors used; music tells us how our society was, Films show what all did the world go through to reach here, paintings show us what all our ancestors wore, what all sufferings they faced and much more. This is more effective than describing them using multiple words, the attachment we get emotionally, physically or both is something that only art can deliver!

   I can't draw! Or sing! I am too busy with life! Art doesn’t feed me!, We all went past these dialogues somewhere in our life. But what we should understand is that to keep art close by your life is not about being a great painter or singer, or thinking that art is only for the people who thoroughly studied it, it's about having love or passion for what you desire, having that inner child that craves upon creativity. Young-ha Kim TEDx talk beautifully reminds us of the importance of art. It is a necessary topic that needs attention. And for the former part, the belief of inability to draw or sing, I would like to point out to another great talk by Graham Show who points out it's our attitude that holds us back from trying new things that we thought we couldn’t do! So let us find time to indulge in art and find ourselves.               

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