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Importance of Advertising in Our Life and Its Influences 25 August, 2021   

Today businesses are fighting to survive amongst this extremely competitive world. There are hundreds of firms selling the same products at the same price, providing the same services and even having the same level of efficiency. So, how can a firm differentiate itself from its competitors? How do they make people choose their product over and over and foster brand loyalty? The answer is simple, meaningful advertising that makes an impact.

In fact, advertising is so integral in a firm’s operations that it is even taught in business schools at the university level. Advertising is a vast field. To study it, students have to learn psychology, branding, marketing as well as data analysis. Firms are constantly on the lookout for creative individuals who understand the head and tail of advertisement and society. Firms even advertise using campus ambassador programs or marketing internships. This is why students are interested in marketing and pursuing it as a course in college; they choose this specialization and deep dive into learning advertising. You will find essays on advertisement, branding and much more, just to help you in the process of research or class. If you are also a student pursuing this academic degree and looking to write assignments and exams, there are several sources where you can find free essay examples on practically every topic related to advertising. 

What Is Advertising?

If you are a student wanting to go for advertising, but are not quite sure about it yet, we are sure that after reading this article and finding out about the role of advertising and its importance, there will not be a shred of doubt in your mind about why this is the correct specialisation for you at the postgraduate level. 

Advertising is a part of the process of marketing which aims at informing people about a product and turning prospective clients into buyers. It is also about fulfilling the expectations of consumers and delivering useful products to them. It is an effective way to spread information amongst a large group of people at the same time, at relatively less cost. 

The Role of Advertising and Its Significance

While it may seem like advertising is only important to producers, on further critical analysis, we find out that it affects manufacturers and consumers just the same. 

  1. Advertising helps manufacturers in creating demand for new products by informing people about their availability and uses. It also helps to increase sales and profits by expanding the market for a product or service. This in turn helps firms to meet competition in the market. 

  2. Advertising also helps in establishing goodwill by making the producer famous and his products popular. It also helps to smooth out seasonal fluctuations in demand and during periods of recession. 

  3. Advertising helps to cut the middleman and create a link between the consumer and producer directly. 

  4. From the consumers’ side, advertising informs them about the availability, location and price of the product. This significantly reduces the efforts which would otherwise be wasted in looking for products to buy. It also informs the consumer about the quality of the product.

  5. Advertising has educational value for consumers. When customers get to know the full information about the product, they get the freedom to make an informed decision about their consumption choices. This raises their standing of living.

  6. When customers get to know about the quality and prices of products, producers or sellers cannot cheat them or trick them into paying more or buying adulterated and sub-par products. 

  7. Advertising is very essential for the economy and society at large, because it helps in generating employment. Copywriters, content writers, salespeople, ad-making studios are directly employed because businesses need to advertise their goods.

  8. When companies are in competition with one other, they try to produce better products at lower prices to gain a larger market share. This also keeps up the innovative spirit of firms, because people always want something new. This increases the variety of goods available in the market. 

  9. Sometimes, ads can be used to influence public opinion in favour of or against an idea. Ads about campaigns like “Save the girl child” or “Stop child marriage” help in educating people about new concepts and helps in making society a better place. 

How Does Advertising Influence Us?

The influence of advertising is far-reaching and extensive. Producers use advertising to make their products more appealing to the public, to disseminate information about the product, to make the consumers purchase the product and ultimately, to secure a favourable image of their brand in the market.

Advertising is a field of study that is still being developed. New theories and connections are always being made in this field. It is a powerful psychological tool that brands can employ to turn a profit. 

There are several studies that were conducted to find out how advertising influences consumer behaviour. All of them agree on the fact that advertising can influence public opinion to a great extent. Brands, governments, NGOs and even organisations like UNICEF and CRY use advertisements to be heard by people. It is also believed that people would not know about a lot of products and their features, if not for advertisement and publicity. Ads are also proved to spark interest in consumers about the products, making it more likely for them to make the purchase. Advertising is meant to be a persuasive tactic, designed to get people to instantly make a transaction.  

How Do We Know If an Ad Is Good?

There are a few specific features that make an ad distinctive and separate it from the others. Here’s a list of some of those features that you can easily spot to identify a good ad from a bad one. 

  1. Attention Value

An advertisement should be able to capture the attention of the audience at whom it is directed. People nowadays are very busy; they do not have time to spend looking at ads all day. Firms must employ the necessary techniques to catch their attention. Some of these techniques are -

  • the use of catchy, short taglines and slogans.

  • the use of videos and photos of the product. 

  • by advertising the discounted price of the product, which is lower than before.

  •  Using coupons and vouchers to increase sales and get people to come back to buy your product again.

    2. Educational Value

An effective advertising technique would be to make your ad informative. When an ad provides crucial and useful information about the product like the directions for use, the ingredients used, the price, the expiry date, the name of the brand in a clear format etc., it is said to have fulfilled its purpose.

        3. Memorising Value

The design, layout, format, structure and font of the product should be such that it leaves an enduring impression in the consumer’s mind. The songs, slogans and taglines used must be gripping so as to make the consumer remember the product, even after they have moved on from watching the ad on to another activity. Firms should appeal to our subconscious mind and try to have our mind associate a particular tune, colour or brand ambassador to the product.

        4. Sentimental Value 

Human beings are creatures of emotion. We remember feelings and touches more than we remember words or sights. Thus, while advertising, firms should bear in mind the fact that they need to directly engage the sentimental side of consumers. Firms should aim to get their product associated with some natural instinct in humans like parental instincts, self-display instincts or self-preservation instincts. It should also be kept in mind that; the ad should not contain things that could be interpreted as offensive to some community or group. 

To put all things into perspective, advertising is a powerful tool which can be used to influence consumer behaviour effectively. However, a word of caution must be mentioned here. We should look at advertisements are informative means and we must only buy the things we actually need and not get tempted into buying things just to appear extravagant. Advertisements also harm corporations sometimes, as it is believed that advertisement is a wastage of resources and that supply creates its own demand, meaning everything that is produced will definitely sell. Ads also have a reputation of being deceptive in nature as they are believed to be exaggerating the actual utility of the product, just to make a sale. It is important to remember this lesson, that everything in this world is bad if consumed to excess, and we must thus take our decisions smartly.      


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