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Immigration Status From Canadian Visitor Visa to Canadian PR 11 September, 2020   

People who come to Canada often as a visitor want to change their immigration status. For example, they want to change their status from a visitor visa to a work visa or from a visitor visa to permanent residency.

Let us now see whether it is possible to change the status of the visa in Canada.

Visitor visa to work visa 

Suppose a person wants to change his/her visitor visa to a temporary resident worker visa, then they are required to obtain a work permit. Without a work permit, if a visitor starts working on the visitor visa, then it will become an illegal activity.

To obtain a work permit, you are required to get an employment offer from a Canadian employer and Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the Skills Development Canada.

Sometimes getting the positive LMIA outcome may be delayed, and the current visitor visa of the applicant may get expired. In such a scenario, the applicant needs to leave Canada and come back once the work permit is approved.

In most of the cases, even if the person is in Canada while initially applying for a work permit, he/she must be prepared to leave Canada and come back as it may take more time to get a work permit then the validity period of the visitor visa.

Visitor visa to permanent residency 

It is highly impossible to change a visitor visa to a PR Visa unless you are in an exceptional situation like being a Refugee or if you are a spouse or partner of a Canadian citizen.

The process of obtaining permanent residency requires a lot of documents to be submitted and takes a lot of time. It is not possible to visit Canada on a visitor visa and remain in the country as a permanent resident.

Work visa to permanent residency 

An applicant may come to Canada as a skilled worker, then he or she may apply to permanent residency after completing a certain period of time before applying for PR under the Canadian Experience Class of the Express Entry system.

IRCC mostly gives extension to work visas when they are processing the PR status for an applicant.

Study permit to work permit 

If an applicant is qualified in a profession, then he/she may get a work permit after studying in Canada for up to three years after completion of their studies.

If you have studied in a Canadian university or college, then you can apply for permanent residency even after coming back to your home country. As you will have experience in Canada, you can apply under the Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry system and easily get a PR to Canada.

Getting permanent residency in Canada

Canada is a very immigrant-friendly nation. Hence it easily issues permanent residence status if you have the right amount of skills and work experience. So if you visit Canada and want to live in the country after visiting, then you can come back to your home country and apply under the Express Entry System.

Express Entry system manages the three economic class immigration programs of Canada, which are:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Program

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program

3. Canadian Experience Class

If you want to make further sure that you get a permanent residency, then you can apply for different provinces and get a nomination from them. It adds 600 points to the score given in Express Entry, which is called a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS Score). You may have to live in the nominating province for a certain amount of time before changing your place of residence and work.

It is not impossible to change immigration status from one type of visa to another in Canada, but it cannot be guaranteed.

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