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Human resources jobs - Types and Functions 21 June, 2019   

No organization can exist and function without people who make human resources an important asset for an organization. Good resources can take an organization to the next level altogether and hence what becomes crucial is managing these human resources. Here comes in the human resource management which deals with getting these resources, developing their skills and knowledge, motivating them to work to their full potential and retaining them with the organization, i.e., managing these employees from their recruitment to retirement. 

You must be wondering the gravity of importance the human resources jobs hold and guess what, you are absolutely right. Importance of human resource management is valued a lot by the organizations. You must also be aware of this inevitable role and the functions of human resource management.  

Importance of human resource management

HRM is very important for corporate bodies and the importance of human resource management can see under the following three headings:

1. Organization importance: 

HRM helps an organization in achieving the objectives of an organization. We can do this in the following ways:

The human resource practices made by HRM can help in attracting and retaining the best talent for the organization. 

It also helps in the effective utilization of the resources available.

Designing the training and development programs, conducting performance appraisals which continuously helps in building the skills and knowledge of the employees.

Securing the cooperation of the employees by handling their grievances and motivating them to give their best.

2. Social importance

Personnel has chosen from the society, and hence if they work effectively, they will be contributing to the welfare of the society, and hence HRM becomes important owing to this societal factor of works.

3. Professional importance

HRM helps in developing the skills of the people which helps them to grow professionally, and this is done by:

Promoting the spirit of teamwork among the employees.

Providing an environment which helps the employees to make maximum use of their capabilities.

Providing great growth opportunities to the employees who have the potential to grow and rise.

Types of human resources jobs

Matching people to the right job is not a child’s play in fact, it’s both art and science. Following are some of the leading human resources jobs:

Recruitment and selection: This human resource job requires the professionals to recruit the right talent for the organization and fill the vacancies wisely. These professionals write job advertisements, do resume screening, and interview. Those candidates are referred to the managers for further evaluation.

Compensation and benefits: This human resource job requires the professionals to ensure that the employees are being paid what they deserve and to provide them benefits such as life and health insurance etc. 

Health and safety: Preventing workplace accidents and occupational illnesses is the responsibility of health and safety professionals. They do this by offering certain programs, ensuring compliance and safety regulations and implementing safety and health policies. Safety coordinator, director of employee wellness, safety manager, employee wellness program coordinator, is some of the jobs in this area.

Labor and employee relations: A professional working in this job is responsible for resolving and preventing problems among the employees and related to employee performance. They may also be involved in negotiations. Employee relations representative, employee relations specialist, director of labor relations is some of the human resources jobs in this category.

Training and development: These professionals assess the needs of the organization for the training required by the employees, deliver that training and carry out the evaluations. Orientation programs might also be conducted if they feel the necessity to do so. Instructional designer, training specialist, an e-learning specialist, training, and development manager, and manager of learning and development are some of the jobs.

Risk management: It is done to minimize organizational risk. This job requires a thorough analysis of all the areas and designing preventive measures to avoid harm. Some of the human resources jobs to be explored in this domain are that of manager of risk management and risk management specialist.

Managers and directors: These people oversee what the other HR professionals are doing and have excellent mediation and conflict resolution skills. A director knows all the aspects of HRM and hence helps in developing the goals for the departments.

Functions of human resource management

Human resource management plays a very crucial role in the proper functioning of a company. I would like to make you aware of some of the primary functions of human resource management, which can categorize into the following three main headings with the further subheading:

1. Managerial functions


This function requires a lot of research work and the collection and analysis of the data to determine the current and future need of human resources and also to understand and predict the change in the behavior, attitude, and values of the employees and its impact on the organization as a whole. This function deals with the type and strength of employees required for a particular job and to accomplish the specified goals.


Proper organization tasks are to be carried in order to allocate tasks among the members, integrate the activities and identify the relationships so that every employee can work collectively.


This involves making the employees active at different levels and to make them contribute to the best of their potential by motivating them and giving proper direction to achieve the collective goal of the organization.


After carrying out the above three functions, how the employee performed is checked, compared and verified with what have planned for and by them and if the result is found to have deviated then certain control measures are taken in order to get the things done according to the plans.

2. Operative functions

Job analysis and design

The description of the nature of the job and specifications regarding the qualification, work experience, skills required to do a particular job is done through the process of job analysis. For achieving certain objectives, duties, tasks, and responsibilities have to be outlined, and this all is done in job design.

Performance appraisal

This is one of the important functions of human resource management to be sure that the resource is working and his performance is at an acceptable level.

Training and development

It is imperative for the employees to acquire skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively and this is taken care of by this function of the human resource management in which training and development programs are organized for both new and old employees to prepare them for higher levels of responsibility.

Recruitment and selection

The selection follows recruitment, which is done from a pool of prospective candidates so that the management of the organization can choose the right candidate.  


Human resource is an asset to the organization, and human resource management helps to retain the best talent and resources and reduce employee turnover. 

Labor relations

This function comes into the picture in the organizations where the human resource management has to interact with a trade union which is the representing body of the employees and is formed to be a part of the decisions which affect the wages, working conditions, etc. of all the employees.  

Employee Welfare

This function deals with the benefits, facilities, and other services that are to provide to the employees for their well-being.

Wage and salary administration

How much is to pay for a particular job is decided by human resource management. This involves all the compensation components like the wage or salary administration, incentives, bonuses and other benefits. 

Personnel record

This function deals with recording, retrieving, and maintaining the information related to all the employees like their employment history, absent, working hours, and other data related to the employee.

Personnel research

Research is an important function in every job, and human resource management is no exception. Research can do in order to get the opinion of the employees regarding the working conditions, salaries, promotions, etc. which helps in understanding employee satisfaction, retention, termination, etc.

3. Advisory functions 

Advising the departmental heads

Personnel manager can advise the heads of the departments regarding the matters of recruitment, selection, training, manpower planning, job analysis, etc.

Advising the top management

The top management can seek the advice of a personnel manager about the formulation and evaluation of the policies, procedures, and programs.

Human resource management courses

Some of the full-time courses are as follows:

Masters of human resource management (MHRM): This course is offered by the Open University of Tanzania and provides a great and diverse pedagogy of course. 

Master in human resources and organization: It is a full-time course offered by Bologna business school and is designed to master organizational design and get prepared to face and solve management challenges. Some of the online courses:

Online HR and leadership courses by John Academy: It provides lifetime access to their variety of HR and leadership courses and will help you and your CV to stand out from the crowd.)

Course in Human resources by International Career Institute: This course is developed by the conjunction of federal government and human resources industry. The course outlines a lot of subject areas which you can learn. Human Resource Management by UCLA Extension: It is a 9-month course which will prepare and help you to deal with the challenges faced in meeting the needs of an organization.)

Online Master in HR Management: This course is offered by Rome business school in Europe and offers great training, paid internships, an opportunity for international networking and any other services and benefits. Human resource management books

Following is the list of the books which can give a lot of insights on building a strong culture, leadership, engaging the employees, etc.

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish: A good book if you want to have some insights on communication tools and core values.

Good to Great by Jim Collins: This book covers the traditional HR concepts which are critical for success such as leadership, cultural characteristics, and decisions related to technology.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek: In this book, the author talks about the importance of identifying your employees' "why" and then further seeing its impact on their engagement.

Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown: This is a great book will guide you as to how to help others in being successful, how can you maximize your resources, increase the contribution of an individual employee and also how to become a better leader.

The HR Answer Book by Shawn Smith and Rebecca Mazin: This book comes up with guidance and insight about employing, to onboarding, to worker exiting, i.e., into everything that a modern HR professional will require.


Now that you know the human resources jobs, the importance of human resource management and the functions they perform you must be agreeing to the fact that HRs play a vital role in an organization and they ought to be there n order to manage the most important resource of an organization, i.e., the people. 

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