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Human resource development– A Management Guide 07 December, 2018   

Human Resource Management refers to the department in an organization that is responsible for the recruitment, organization and controlling of employees. It is the function that will deal with any employee-related issue and create relevant solutions.

As you know, almost all the processes within an organization are completed by human beings, thus emphasizing the importance of human resource management. If you are looking for the best guide to Human Resource Development, you are in the right place. I will make this article as brief and concise as human resource development only highlighting what you need to know.

What does Human Resource entail?

First of all, let’s take a look at what Human Resource Development entails. You may have an idea or a clear picture of what this department is involved with; I mean every organization has to have an HR department. But, what exactly do they do?

Recruitment is their most important task. They not only have to ensure the organization has the necessary employees but also confirm each person’s job description matches their skills and experience. These are the guys that declined your last job application; now you know who to address your frustrations to next time

Performance appraisals and Compensation form their second most important task. Once employees have been hired and well matched with the right job descriptions, they have to determine how much each will be paid.

This however has to liaise with the finance department; you can’t just demand a pay rise and have it automatically approved. Work well done is also applauded by them, this department determines the employee of the month and such.

Training and development have to be planned and done by someone in the organization. Who better to do this than the Human Resource Department? As part of the human resource development plan, it is vital to have your employees trained to sharpen their skills which will, in turn, relate to better productivity.

I know, I promised to be brief so here’s the final and very important task performed by the Human Resource department; maintaining the wellbeing of employees.

Health, safety and employee relations within any organization have to be within the legal standards set by the government, and the business operating in it. Or else, you will have some legal problems. Now, do you get the importance of human resource management?

The Best Human Resource Development Practice

We’ve mentioned the duties and responsibilities of the Human Resource Department, now, let’s look at how the Human Resource can develop. As a human resource manager, knowing how to develop your team best is key. Below are three methods to do this:

1. Training & Development


Picture this scenario, you as an individual get hired by organization X based on the skill sets a, b, c that qualifies you for the job z. Three years pass and organization X does not do anything to improve your skill set a, b, c.

The current changing business needs and disruptions in the industry require employees within your job description z to have skill sets d, e, f. What do you think will happen to organization X? Competitors will eventually overtake organization Z even before they know what hit them.

Technology and the ever-changing and turbulent environment builds the importance of human resource management and development. Human resource managers all over the world, invest millions if not billions yearly in training and development strategies.

Some lucky employees even get tuition fees waived by their organization once they seek to return to school to further sharpen their skills.

2. Organizational development


Organizational development is an action-oriented strategy that applies long-term goals to improve the overall performance of the organization. It involves the application of behavioral science know-how within the company so that the processes, structures and enhanced by development and keen reinforcement.

From the early 1930s, psychologists discovered that the organization processes and the structure played a key role in determining the employee's productivity. From then the organizational development as part of human resource development has evolved into three major concepts; organizational culture, climate, and strategies.

 Ever gone to work and the nasty mood from your boss in the morning rubs off on you, and you end up being so underproductive the whole day? If so, then this factor explains it all.

Failure to invest in the organizational culture, climate, and strategies to improve them in ways that promote a healthy working environment could shatter the functionality of all departments.

3. Career development


Finally, let’s take a look at career development. This is the process through which employees are well equipped with the necessary skills and experience to perform future ad better jobs just as efficiently as the current one. In simple language, it is the process through which your company prepares you to climb up your career path better.

What better incentive is there than to give your employees the chance to climb up the career ladder to better jobs with better conditions and better payment? It would bad to remain in the same office for five years with no growth and no change in your designated work. I can’t even imagine being in the same job for three years; I would probably go crazy.

Invest in your employees to improve their current knowledge, skill sets, and experience, not only to equip them for better jobs but to enable in-house recruitment in the future.

The best employee development platforms


The blog has emphasized the importance of human resource management and given tips for development in the related department. We have however not listed major development tools that you can easily use for your employees. It’s common knowledge that the HR team has to outsource the tools to use. Here’s a great list to choose from for training and development:

  • Udemy: Udemy is a great place to start; they offer a huge array of courses with an addition of 800 new ones monthly. The costs are also budget friendly from around $10 to $500 per course. 
  • Codecademy: If your team of employees is within the tech industry, this is the right tool to use. They have several tech-related courses that are appropriate for any individual from the beginner to the highly qualified tech expert. It is a useful source for training employees in different coding languages.
  • Coursera: This happens to be my personal favorite. The platform is easy to use. It has many courses available, and the prices are also pocket-friendly. You can take courses online and get credited certification recognized globally.

Major challenges faced by human resources

Just like any other department, the Human Resource Development team faces major challenges. Here’s a list of the major ones and suitable means to curb them:

The first challenge is the process of identifying the best candidates for the jobs. I know this is quite hard because I find it challenging to choose a cleaner for my house. However, this can be easily sorted by having a defined checklist containing all the skills and characteristics of the candidates required. This list should represent all the job description needs.

 Secondly, HR managers find it challenging to terminate contracts with employees. It’s one of the hardest jobs in this world, taking a job away from someone who probably has a family depending on it.

Anyway, life in itself is hard; you need to understand that it may reach a point where layoffs have to be done either due to poor performance or to cut business costs. To ensure they done correctly:

  • Give prior warnings to employees who break the company’s code of conduct or are not meeting the set targets.
  • Have the termination letters in written form and ensure they meet the legal termination policies of your country.
  • Consult with your lawyers to ensure the termination is within the law.

Lastly, planning for the future is a great challenge. It’s because it is ever-changing and hardly predictable. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Maybe the best employee may decide to get up and quit. 

Or, worst of all he/she may be involved in an unfortunate accident rendering them incapable of performing the same duties. The future is always a mystery, but this doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. Have worst case scenario assessments, create backup plans and train employees to multi-task through relevant rotation programs.

Human Resource Development is very important and crucial for every organization globally. The importance of human resource management can never be quantified. A little investment in your employees goes a long way to increase their productivity.

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Sheetal Kamble - Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. Its a great article to help other understand the concepts in a ... Read More

Sheetal Kamble - Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. Its a great article to help other understand the concepts in a much easier way. Human Resources department plays an important and strategic role in any organization. HR System automate the Human resource task and focus on organization objective and goals. Get latest HR System details here: Read Less


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