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How to Write the Perfect TikTok Bio 21 January, 2021   

TikTok has managed to shake the world of social media in a heartbeat. It almost seems like there wasn't even a time when TikTok didn’t exist. Now, this platform has about 800 million active users worldwide.

What this means is that you need to stand out and attract new followers while having millions of competitors.

Of course, the videos you create are the main reason why people click that follow button. But what about your TikTok bio?

TikTok bio can actually help you bring out that “Yes, I want to follow this person” reaction from people. Since you only have 80 characters to do this right, writing the perfect bio can be a challenge?

Are you ready to craft a bio that aligns with who you are and invites users to follow you? Then, check out these tips!


Define Your Role

Start your “the perfect bio quest” by answering this question: Who are you on TikTok?

The question refers to TikTok and not you personally, as that’s what you need to clarify to users. When they stumble upon your account, one glance at the bio should tell them what to expect from your account.

Why is this important? Because you’ll be able to attract your target audience. Maybe your target persona will come across your account, but without much information on what you do, they won’t be bothered to watch your videos.

So, describe what your videos are about, whether that is singing, sharing advice, giving your expert opinion, modeling clothing from your clothing brand, etc.

Pinpoint your TikTok role. Of course, you can embody more roles. For example, you can be an Android app developer and expert on app marketing. The important thing is that you present yourself properly.


Let Your Personality Shine Through

Showing off your personality will add that extra touch to your account. People will be able to get a better idea of what you are like. Moreover, giving a sneak peek of your personality will make you more unique.

Your videos don't necessarily have to reveal your personality. If you draw, do DIYs, create artistic videos, or anything else that doesn't let you show your personality, the bio can compensate for that anonymity.

How to show your personality, you ask? Here are some tips:

      Be funny (e.g., I’m here to avoid friends on Facebook)

      Share what you like (e.g., So many books, so little time)

      Write in the way you speak (e.g., Fridays are my thang)

A social media expert and contributor writer at Subjecto essay database website, Diana Adjadj, expressed well the purpose of the bio, Your bio is your blank canvas. It invites you to paint a picture of who you are through cleverly composed words.

Don’t miss the chance to use those 80 characters to help people connect with you. And people won’t be able to feel a connection if they don’t get a sense of your personality.


Use Quotes to Create a Connection

Do you have a favorite quote? If you do, share it! If you don’t, you can find it!

Quotes are amazing because they express what we think and feel. But that’s not their only value.

People can recognize their own thoughts and feelings in other people's quotes. They can read your quote and get moved or motivated by it. Consequently, they'll think of you as someone who understands them.

However, make sure that the quote you share in the bio is related to what you do.

Let’s say that you have a fitness-oriented account. The quote you share should be somehow connected to that world. It can inspire people to start exercising, change their perspective on persistence, or boost their desire to make a change in their life.

Picking the right quote that will work well with the rest of your bio content can be challenging. 


Use Emojis

Emojis are a great bio addition. It’s no surprise that most people use emojis in their TikTok bio.

Use emojis to express your interest without using words. With only 80 characters on your hand, you have to be creative. Instead of writing about all of your interests, you can, for example, use a beautiful quote and add a few emojis that further describe your likes.

Simply put, emojis can help you express your personality without taking up too many characters.

Additionally, as visuals, emojis are more likely to attract people’s attention than just words. They make the bio look more interesting as they add a pop of color.


Add a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Do you want your users to take a certain action? Then, bio is your chance to get them to act on it!

Add a link in the bio to your website, Instagram profile, e-commerce store, free e-book, or whatever you want to promote. If you have created your TikTok account with a purpose in mind, CTA will help you direct users towards making that action.

Make sure that you explain what that link is doing there. Write “Follow me on Instagram” or “download my e-book (FREE)” or what you want users to do. You can add an arrow emoji that points towards your CTA or shopping bag emoji to signal shopping if you don’t have enough characters for writing.

The case in which you don’t need a CTA is if your only goal is to grow your TikTok followers and you don’t have any other social media account.


Final Thoughts

A well-written bio can create a passage that leads users to the story of what your account has to offer. Use that space cleverly and portray yourself as someone worthy of your attention.

The bio can help users understand the value of your videos. So, consider the above-mentioned tips and craft a bio that will help you achieve your goals. 

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