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How to write an article ? The art of writing. 15 June, 2020   

How to write an article? As a piece of art?

Writing: an Art -

From the beginning of early period to modern times, writing has been used an art in legitimizing various ideas, from daily life chores to advertising to writing a law report or criticising some speech or idea, or to show your resentment for some law manufactured by the parliament or expose the potential it carries to drive/guide the world to become a better place.

People often mix the idea of writing with reading, i am not saying it’s not true, yes writing by reading literature is a style but can a style suffice the whole- obviously no.

THE IDEA OF WRITING is a much larger concept and can be seen as a part of one's own daily life embodied and engulfed in the very soul of a writer. 

Mark Twain who was lauded as the “greatest humorist” and “the father of the American Literature” once said- “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything else”, 

Another Novelist and writer of short erotic stories Anna Nais related the art with life by saying - “The role of the writer is not to say what we all can say, but to what we are unable to say”.

Hence to be able to understand that writing is not something that starts with a selfish goal to achieve but a self less understanding of one self and if one can connect the dots, fallen dots of once own daily life and express them with a pen with a flow of ink on a piece of paper, that moment he had achieved the art of writing.

Art Forms - 

Every piece of art has different forms, take for example - The Idea of growing a Bonsai plant, now people who have connected with the form of art would know that - Bonsai isn’t a plant but an art of converting a plant into a bonsai by giving it a Structure, different shapes according to one's own imagination and finally making sure that its beauty is expressed to its best.

*Note - Read further only, if you have made up your mind and are ready to express your own ideas or thoughts in writing*

Like different varieties of plants  can be structured into different forms of bonsai, the same is with the idea of writing, every person born on this plant has his/her own set of imagination and as mentioned above it can be attained to its best by following a certain plan.

I have tried to the best of my knowledge to laid down that plan, to benefit not just the student’s of Law, but every reader and writer who wants to grow and “develop the art of writing” -

But before moving to the plan, one should first spend time acquainting himself/herself with different types of writing and different types of structures to know off -

3 types of Writing

There are different types of writing according to different writers however to deliver the best, My mind insisted to express these 3 types - 

1) Argumentative -

i) Make sure that the idea is logical in its own sense.

ii) It has to be well reasoned.

iii) It has to be supported by certain evidence.

2) Informational -  By expression in a more informational way, through conduction of various sample surveys or research projects or by adding material from various books or by using different articles, thus by providing the reader with an amount of data to understand about the idea expressed.

3) Narrative - Be more of an analyst, observe, be more conscious while writing, develop a central idea and a coherent focus, legitimize your idea with facts, details etc.

5 types of text Structures

Though writing is an art of expressing, before beginning to write, every writer must give a bit of time thinking about the text structure - writer’s may choose from any given below-

Compare and contrast

Cause and Effect

Problem and Solution



How are things like? How are they different?

What is the cause?

What is its effect?

What is the problem?

How can it be solved?

What is the order?

What are the parts of the idea?

Once you made your choice and have amply researched on the topic, now it’s time to frame your research design- 

The plan (The much awaited plan) -

1)Conscious Structuring-  As the topic says writing as an idea of life, one has to try to be more conscious, more aware and more of a taker from daily life.

Believe me, one can write far more better by being more conscious about simple ideas of life - 

i) Finding the topic - Before beginning to write or understand anything one should frame a topic and write it down, try to keep the topic as narrow as possible unless you are writing a book on the given topic.

For example - 

For law students - Suppose you want to talk about Prisoner rights, now see prisoner rights is very vast topic - rather you should be more precise so that readers can find out certain value in your article or Essay or whatever piece of writing you want to write,

For everyone else reading - Suppose you want to talk about Family, now see family as a whole is a vast topic - rather you may focus on different topics such as - Family tree or “How relations between parents affect lives of children”.

Q- Can you put up a more precise topic?

A- Yes, it's pretty simple, 

for example in the above case rather than talking about prisoner’s rights on whole, talk about prison rights of a women, 

if you want to be even more precise, 

talk about prison rights of a pregnant women and still there is scope to narrow it down even more by referring to a specific case,

For example - Your topic can be “Prison rights of Pregnant Women- A Case study of Safoora Zargar’s Case”.

ii) Literature review - Once you have decided your topic, try to read as much as possible - “Read Read Read” - go through the available literature and decide - whether you can add more to it or not.

iii) Frame your Research Problem and then frame research questions around it- Try to be as precise as possible while framing research questions, write all the possible research questions in your mind and then cut to the most important ones.

2) Provide some value - Making sure that you are adding something to the already existent piece of literature, be it a small contribution.

Ask Yourself - How can i add value to it, or present it in a different way or criticise it for the benefits of the reader.

And if you are successful to do so, Congo ! You have published your first piece of writing

3) Conclude - Remember ! Always to conclude - conclusion is must, summarize it, summarize your article - Tell the readers the major takeaways from your article.

& The Last but not the least

4) Always welcome constructive feedback and criticism.

Key Takeaways

i) Always remember that writing is an art that is affected by occurrences of your daily life.

ii) Structuring, Shaping and Originality are the major components for writing a good article.

iii) There are three types of writing Argumentative,Informative and narrative - Choose which best suits you.

iv) Make research design first - Structure - Topic, Sub-topics, Literature review, Research problem, research question and hypothesis are most important for developing your piece of work.

v) Analyze and provide facts to support your writing.

Thank You.

How to write a legal article? How to write a Research Paper? How to do legal writing? How to write?

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