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How to Write a Novel About Travel: "Into The Wild" Example 18 November, 2021   

A story writer brings out their thoughts into text and pieces together word for word and line for line is the most creative way. The libraries are full of books written by both experienced and new authors about their travel Into The Wild experiences. 

Whether their stories are from true life experiences or they have been created from the mind, these stories have a thing in common. They are fascinating stories that attract the reader’s attention from the opening chapter to the end. This is how the novel Into The Wild has presented its story to the readers. 

Create your travel scene

If you are starting to write your first book, reading books for beginner writers might help you get a bigger idea of how to create your travel scene. Your travel scene is the place you traveled to, whether in reality or the mind. Your travel novel memoir must tell about a specific place or region you visited. 

You might have traveled within your country, continent, or somewhere else. Note that most travel novels are memoirs that use first-person narratives. Here is an example of a travel scene. 

In My Small Blue Book, I have written about my experiences after I traveled on my Canadian passport. My opening statement was concerning what I presumed I would encounter, but again, at various immigration passport verification stations. I had the picture in part, but soon everything began peeling out portion by portion like a bulb onion. 

The traveler tells where he was coming from but not his destination. The reader must dig deeper into the travel novel to get every detail about his experiences that were peeling out like an onion. He has already created a travel scene for the reader and this particular scene seems like a real wild scene. 

Some renowned travelers have traveled in the past and shared their experiences by writing evergreen stories, memoirs, and essays. They inspire their audiences through their journey experiences as they rode donkeys, horses, saw new creatures, and enjoyed new culture and food. Their stories and many other inspiring Into The Wild essay samples on EduZaurus will give you an informed head start into writing your Into The Wild essay. To write the best essay, you need to read more about the topic and the free travel essays on this website will help you to find a topic to write about. 

Imagine your audience

Imagine who your audience is likely to be and create a story just for them. Create hope in them while at the same time creating questions in them – what happened next, why did this happen, who is likely to come? etc. 

You don’t have to ask a direct question, but you can write an answer and let the reader ask the question. In so doing, they will read on the story to find the question to the answer. Think about a character in the story who goes through a difficult challenge and as a result, you realize they couldn’t have gone through it if you had been advised before. 

Example: As I sat on the large, raised stone, I resolutely looked into the eyes of Nick and I knew he was drowning in the thoughts of the experiences he had to endure a few hours ago. I regretted and realized I should have warned him in the first place. The writer doesn’t tell the audience what experiences nick had gone through but leaves them to read the story and find out what he had gone through. 

To many individuals, the wild is alluring and presents itself as an untarnished place with no evil that is common in today’s society. It is a place of freedom where an individual can roam as they want and have a closer touch with their soul. You can create such a statement in your Into The Wild essay by learning ideas to help you craft the best travel essays. Read essays as described in Into The Wild essay examples on WritingBros and get many ideas on what topics will make your essay look attractive. Before your start to write, write down the lessons you learned from the free essays. 

Make your travel evergreen

Some destinations are evergreen and a new story will come out from such a destination with every traveler who visits the place. A good example is the novel Into The Wild. The story is about Cristopher McCandless, who gives all his savings to charity, packs his travel bag, and heads to Alaska. 

He lives in the wilderness and meets various characters who help shape his shape. This is an evergreen story and the book can remain a best seller many years later. Think of a story that will live on even a hundred years later. 

Search the internet for ideas and use photos

You can never exhaust the vast number of travel ideas available on the internet. Search for the most scenic tourist attractions in the world and match them with the type of story you want to create. The writer of Into The Wild might have first searched online and found a compelling story about Alaska or another region with similar climatic conditions. How the story unfolds is thrilling? Use photos to attract the reader’s attention. Photos are powerful hooks that can help turn your novel into a best seller. 


The main theme in the novel Into The Wild is that it is possible to change your tomorrow. Many authors have been inspired by this book and have written thrilling stories that hook their readers in every chapter. To create the most exciting travel novel, read what others have written on the subject and create your travel scene from where you shall develop your story. Let the reader be curious about what happens next by creating a series of indirect questions in them. 

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