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How to write a descriptive essay 18 November, 2020   

Descriptive essays are the best literary form for paying homage to personal events that you hold dear or setting a mood for a story. The goal is to create a vivid picture using words that will cater to the reader’s five senses. It is basically a way to let readers feel and experience something through a series of words.

One example of when you might have come across a descriptive essay is when you were asked to write about your summer vacation. Normally, you would narrate all the activities you did all throughout the summer. But, filling your essay with verbs and timestamps is not enough to let your reader know how much fun you had.

That is why you incorporate the rules of writing a descriptive essay. By doing so, you can make the reader experience the refreshing breeze, clear blue skies, and cold drinks as if they were there with you during that time.

Also, a descriptive essay is a good way to practice your writing skills. This is because it is a creative genre. Hence, there are no strict guidelines on facts and the kind of words you need to put together. What matters is that it can provide your reader with words that engage the five senses that enable your subject to come to life.

Different subjects of a descriptive essay

Before you can start writing your descriptive essay, you first need to know your topic. There are two kinds of topics for this genre of literary composition. The first is a concrete topic. The other is an abstract topic.

A concrete subject is anything that you can directly describe with the senses. It can be food, weather, person, or an event. One example would be describing your birthday party, a wedding day, summer vacation, your favorite food, or maybe your most embarrassing experience. Nonetheless, it should be able to entice the five senses, which are touch, smell, taste, see, and hear.

On the other hand, an abstract topic is anything that you cannot describe with senses. Some examples would be grief, poverty, and success, which are all concepts. These kinds of topics are best described using situations, events, experiences, or feelings. Like how grief is best described as “a constant feeling of emptiness and longingness.”

If you do not establish your topic before starting your writing process, finding the right words to describe will be difficult. There is also a big chance for you to apply the wrong description of your subject. As a result, your readers will be confused, and your essay will defeat its purpose.

Tips for writing a descriptive essay

When you already have your subject laid out, the next thing to do is to work on the writing process. This is a crucial part since it will define how well your descriptive essay is going to be. Hence, having a concrete plan for your approach will definitely set the tone for how well your readers can engage with your work.

That said, here is how you can write a captivating descriptive essay:

Set a statement

Like any other literary composition, the first paragraph of your descriptive essay should be able to welcome what your readers are in for. Meaning, you need to establish the topic head-on for your readers to know why they are reading your essay. Therefore, the beginning should be simple yet engaging enough to set the mood of the essay overall.

Use vivid words

The difference between a normal narrative and a descriptive essay is that the latter shows and does not tell. In a narrative, you are simply telling the reader what happened. But in a descriptive essay, you take the reader to that very moment and let them experience it in their mind.

That is why it is important to use vivid words or language that entices one’s senses. The key is to find terms that will make your reader feel something so immense they will think they are actually in the story. For example, instead of saying something is delicious, you can use the terms scrumptious or mouthwatering as these are more vivid and entails a stronger sense of taste.

If you have a limited vocabulary, you can use Power Thesaurus to help you find the best words to use for your descriptive essay. It has a vast amount of word selection, including idioms, phrases, verbs, nouns, and adjectives that you can apply to make your descriptive essay more lively.

Leave an impression

You know that your descriptive essay is a success when your reader feels changed afterward. For instance, reading a good novel will feel like you have been transported into a different world that you end up losing track of time in your own reality. The same goes for writing a good descriptive essay. 

Hence, the last parts of your work should be able to leave a strong impression on your reader. For example, if you are writing about a restaurant, they should be able to want to go there and try the food.

Writing a descriptive essay is fun. It lets you play with words in ways you have not tried before. It is also a good way of remembering and reliving an experience. You simply get to enjoy it along with your readers. Hence, there should be no pressure at all whenever you are writing a descriptive essay. The best way is to find the best words and simply take your readers for a ride.


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