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How to Turn Your Yard into a Serene and Sustainable Oasis 03 June, 2021   

There are homeowners who prefer to use their yards for sports or recreation in general. On the other side, there are folks who just like to unwind in the backyard after a hard day at work.

For the latter, the yard represents an oasis of serenity and tranquility but they know that enjoying responsibly matter. The backyard oasis should be green and sustainable a well.

1. Water retention

If you wish the backyard lawn to be verdant, then the ground on your property has to retain water. However, adding a deck or paving large areas using concrete disrupts water drainage. For this reason, you should use porous concrete, leave space between slats in the wood deck, and use gravel as a paver.

It is essential to let (rain)water seeps through the ground into natural aquifers where it gets filtered. The process is important for replenishing groundwater supplies, protecting the ecosystem below and above ground, and preventing flooding.

If you have the means, collect rainwater to use for irrigation. Finally, you can shop around for colorful mulch and place it around tree bases. Mulch prevents weeds from appearing and it helps the ground retain water during droughts.

2. Choose durable materials

No one can enjoy a yard in which everything is broken or scraped. The state your property is in is going to depend on maintenance, as well as the general quality of fixtures. When shopping for the yard, choose materials with long life cycles.

Fixtures made from durable materials (e.g. rattan furniture and copper roofing) are naturally sustainable. In most cases, you can hope for these pieces to last for decades before they require replacement.

When selecting a garden set or the material for the deck, take into account the average air temperature in your region, UV exposure, as well as air humidity. If you reside in a coastal region, then apply products that will profit all the surfaces in the yard against corrosion and salt exposure.

3. Go easy on strong chemicals

Speaking of cleaning products, there are many dangerous chemicals that end up in the ground below your property. Furthermore, they often make it impossible to enjoy the serenity of the backyard, as they reek and leave nasty stains when accidentally spilled.

We gave the advice to use durable and low-maintenance materials because their upkeep doesn’t require the use of harsh chemical cleaners. If you use strong chemicals for cleaning, then you are going to have to clean twice, as these chemicals need to be washed away.

4. Create and control the shade

If there is a patio in your backyard, don’t leave it unprotected. This makes it impossible to use it during the hot summer months and the wood on the deck deteriorates faster when exposed to direct sunlight. Many older estates do have a timber pergola roof but the shade it creates isn’t that good.

Moreover, a timber pergola offers no protection against rain and UV rays. Make the effort to transform the pergola roof in your yard, so you get shade all year round. This custom roofing solution will give you complete control of the elements.

5. Repurpose everything you can

We have already mentioned that the materials used in our backyard should be made from durable materials. However, recycled materials can be durable as well, so look for chairs made from recycled plastic, for instance.

In addition, you should look to repurpose everything you can. When building a swing or a hammock, you can use an old laundry pole for support. Reclaimed wood can be used for making furniture, as well as repairing the fence. Also, if you wish to construct a fire pit, use stones and boulders found in the area.

6. All the benefits of a green wall

Regardless of the type of fencing you have and its height, a section of the fence can always be turned into a green wall. Whether you plant fern, vines, or another plant species suitable for a living wall, you will reap several benefits.

First of all, a lush and thick green wall will increase the level of privacy in the yard. Next, the noise coming from the street will be muffled, so you can truly unwind among the greenery. Finally, the living wall will act as a barrier, trapping dust particles and ensuring you breathe fresh air inside your yard.

Serenity and sustainability are two concepts that go hand in hand in outdoor design. You can truly relax only when you know that the environmental print of your garden is minuscule.

From thinking about the materials you install in the backyard to erecting a green all, there are numerous benefits of turning your yard into a tranquil and green oasis.

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