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How to structure content in 6 easy steps? 14 February, 2021   

We got a great topic to write and talk about our business. But what after that? How to start? How long should the article be? Should we write in bullets or paragraphs? There are a lot of questions. This blog will help you deal with that.

This article will cover the following:

1. Why should you structure your content?

2. What is the structuring of content?

3. How to structure your content?

So let's begin:

Why should you structure your content?

A structure helps in:

1. Clear thinking

2. Crisp writing

3. Presenting your narrative

4. Deciding a flow

5. Providing a roadmap to follow for execution

What is the structuring of content?

What do you understand by a structure? It's a plan, a framework that gives you a basic idea of what to do and how to do it.

A few examples of Structure: Content Calendar, Morning Routine, Problem-solving in Consulting interviews, Frameworks, etc.

But structuring content looks like this:

Looks familiar, isn't it? See, I structured this article too! Well, let's quickly move on to the "How" part of it now.

How to structure your content?

1. Decide what you want to talk about: Yes, you want to talk about "Digital Marketing" maybe, but it's a vast subject. Which topic in Digital Marketing? What issue in SEO? So, you need to choose a theme and a specific topic. The next step will help you refine this one - it will help you decide whether you want to go for a small section or want to write for beginners etc.

2. Who are you creating content for? Who is it going to value?: An important thing while deciding the topic is thinking from your audience's perspective. Understand the target audience of your business. There are three ways to do so: You can either create a buyer's persona, analyse the customer's journey or even interact with your existing customers. They can be a little tricky. So, I wrote another blog to help you out with this one.

3. Plan: Yes, now we can start planning it out. This one is the "structure" part. You think of how you want to divide the entire content - how do you want to start it, what should come second, what should come third, how are you going to include slight promotions (if you are planning that), etc. Try not to make it in great detail because the next step might change it all over! Just a basic structure is enough.

4. Research: The structuring doesn't end with planning because when you research and get to know more about the topic, you may re-plan it all over again! That's why it's so significant to have a basic layout ready before you plan in detail. It is one of the most challenging things to do because it brings information overload! Here's something to help you with your content research.

5. Execute: Execution is everything! Only when you execute is when you understand whether it was executable or not.

6. Review: Do you need to work on your structuring skills? Well, that's what you'll know when you analyse how your structure performed with your audience. If it performed well, it's time to celebrate. If not, you always have lessons to learn and improve. :)

Enough of theory, what to do with this information!?

So here's an example that our team followed for

1. Decide what you want to talk about: We were writing stories about people who had a mental health problem in the past. But they overcame it by taking the right steps.

2. Who are you creating content for? Who is it going to value?: We targetted students, especially the college students, because they faced the maximum mental health issues.

3. Plan: We came up with a basic structure of stories, starting with an introduction, what happened and the conclusion. In this step, you can also decide how to produce content - blog, image, audio etc.

4. Research: After a deep interaction with 20+ students about their most challenging times, we realised we needed to re-plan. Our structure modified like this: Introduction, What had happened, Impact on the person, Solution, Transformation and Conclusion.

5. Execute: It takes efforts to execute anything! But our efforts were mostly successful. You can even check out the stories.

6. Review: Well, we got 3K+ unique users on our website, just within four months of time! It was a huge achievement for the entire team. We received several reviews appreciating our efforts and the stories helped and inspired many people.

Structuring content has greatly helped us, and it doesn't have to be complicated. It can be really simple and concise structure, just like the examples above.

Was this blog helpful for you? If yes, share it with everyone so that we all can communicate our ideas clearly and progress.

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