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How to Share Feedback to Students in a Constructive and Positive Way 27 October, 2020   

Giving the best student feedback is more of an art rather than a responsibility. It should be precise, transparent, unbiased and positive. While sharing thoughts about a student or a class, there are a few essential aspects that you must keep in mind. A tutor needs to think about what that kid will feel after hearing or reading that note? To make it straightforward, here are some critical pointers while marking a student feedback.


Affirmative over teacher to student feedback

Always remember, the tone of remark should not be negative or disrespectful as it may drain the student's confidence. Present your thoughts constructively and positively so that children will understand it better.


Guide them on how to perform better and overcome their shortcomings with your feedback note. Whether you are a school teacher or run a coaching centre, keep it motivating.


Correct and explain them.

Student feedback benefits are many if teachers deliver it properly. Before you mark that answer wrong or cut that mathematics solution, think of it as an opportunity to help students.


If possible, try to correct what they have done wrong and show them the right solution. By doing this simple improvisation, you will not only solve the students' doubt but also deliver your thoughts efficiently.


Use student feedback form for online classes

Giving reviews to all students is difficult while conducting online classes. To make this process effective, use student forms to and list all essential evaluation factors. Also, include the reason for giving specific ratings in the student feedback questionnaire because it creates transparency.


Being an online tutor, try to be very specific on what you are talking about while writing a remark for a student.



Teachers can include this as a sub-activity in the overall performance evaluation process. Encourage children to go through their assignments and ask what improvements they can make next time. This simple activity will bring our numerous optimistic opinions.


Student feedback on teaching

This is also a crucial part of the curriculum, and a teacher should know how to analyse student feedback in a positive manner. Carefully go through every kid's review on teaching and find what the common things that most children are writing are. Note those feedback and improvise as the students need from you.


Feedbacks are the stepping stones towards creating a better teaching and learning environment. And it's equally instrumental for students to join a good learning centre to get the right guidance.


There are many good coaching that focus on the overall development of students. Join them early for better exam preparation and scoring well. 

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