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How to Save Money by Using Used CNC Machines 26 August, 2021   

Today, Computer Numerical Control machines are widely used in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Many small workshops also now use CNC machines. When you see how many advantages they have, it is no wonder that more and more people are using CNC equipment to produce parts and products. You can use CNC machines with a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.


Sure, CNC machines can be quite costly. But they save manufacturers a lot of money in the long run. Furthermore, there are several ways in which you can save money by using CNC machines. Let’s take a look at precisely how.


How do CNC machines work?


There are many types of CNC machines, from a previously used CNC lathe or grinder to a brand-new mill or router. If you want to save money, it is best to buy used machinery, but we will get onto that in a moment. First off: how do CNC machines work? Whatever type of CNC equipment you purchase, the machine will use the same basic premise for functionality. CNC machines read digital instructions in G-Code from a design created in Computer-Aided Design software. Without the need for manual operation, a CNC machine will accurately and consistently produce the same part as many times as needed.


A Used CNC Machine Is Less Expensive Than a New One


Whatever type of CNC machine you get, you can save money by purchasing a second-hand machine rather than a new one. As long as the used machine has been reconditioned and checked by a qualified professional and comes with all of the necessary paperwork, as will be the case from any reputable vendor, it is best to buy used. You can make significant savings while still getting the same high quality of a new CNC machine.


Reconditioned CNC Machines Last a Long Time


Unlike other machinery, CNC machines work at their highest capacity for years. That applies to used CNC machines that have been reconditioned as much as it applies to brand-new machines. Reconditioned machinery will be in top working order, so it will last for many years. Without the need to replace machines anytime soon, you will save significantly in the long run.


Needing to Purchase Fewer Tools Allows You to Save More


You will also need to buy fewer other tools because CNC machines have greater capabilities. For instance, CNC equipment commonly combines tools into common units, which means operators no longer need to use multiple tools to make their desired cuts with things like different-sized drill bits. Also, multi-axis CNC machines can flip parts over automatically, so material that was previously underneath can be simply removed.


Save Money by Being Savvy


While used CNC machines are less expensive than new equipment, you should not purchase a CNC machine based on the price tag alone. If you buy machinery that has not been reconditioned or needs major repairs, you will end up losing money. So, to save money, always ensure you work with a trusted vendor. Also, make sure you get detailed photographs and videos of the machinery you are considering buying if you are not able to inspect it in person.


Needing Fewer Operators Can Save You Money


If you run a large workshop, you can cut back on the number of workers you need by using CNC machines. In turn, that creates significant savings. The reason you will no longer need so many workers is quite simply because CNC machines need fewer machine operators. One skilled operator can run several machines simultaneously.


The Speed of a Used CNC Machine Can Be Cost-effective


The many benefits of using CNC machinery instead of manual machining have the added advantage of saving you money. After all, time is money. Having the ability to program computer devices to control your machine tools rapidly enhances the productivity of any workshop due to the highly technical and labor-intensive processes being automated. The speed of producing parts is increased when you use CNC machinery. Seeing as CNC machines do not get tired and need breaks like their human counterparts, CNC machining is much more efficient and cost-effective than manual operations alone.


The Accuracy of a Used CNC Machine Can Be Cost-effective


The same goes for accuracy. CNC machines are incredibly accurate, which makes them more cost-effective than manual labor. Due to minimal errors occurring, the manufacturing processes of CNC machining eliminates unnecessary waste. Therefore, you can use more of the materials you have and not have to replenish as much. You can also save on the cost of disposing of waste materials.


Save on Shipping Costs


When you finally find and purchase the CNC machinery you want, you should look at ways in which you can save money on logistics. You will have to pay costs like rigging, freight, offloading, and insurance. So, it is vital you know what the costs are upfront. Ask for an estimate in writing. If the cost is too high, you could always handle the transportation and other logistics yourself to save money.


Save Money with Slower Shipping


Good things come to those who wait. So, you could save money by being flexible in your shipping. If you go down the route known as “less than truckload,” the carrier combines your shipment with other cargo of a similar class that is going to the same destination. It is a much slower method of getting your CNC machine, but if you plan ahead and use the “less than truckload” method, you can save on your shipping costs substantially.


Make Sure You Get the Right CNC Machine for Your Needs


Lastly, you should get to know different CNC machines before you plow ahead like a bull in a china shop and buy the CNC equipment. It is important you spend time understanding what your precise machinery requirements are so that you can select the right tool for the job. If you buy one CNC machine and find out you would have been better off buying an alternative machine six months later, you will have blown your chance to save money.


To help you determine which CNC machines to add to your operations, you first need to know that CNC machines fall into two broad categories. They are conventional machining technologies and novel machining technologies. Each one has its own pros and cons. To select the right type, you will have to factor in your workshop’s precise needs. Here is a closer look at the two categories.


Conventional Technologies


CNC tools that belong to the class of conventional technologies include drills, lathes, and milling machines. A drill spins and moves a drill bit into contact with a workpiece. With a CNC drill, you can make precision holes precisely where you need them. Lathes are kind of the inverse of drills. They spin a workpiece against a drill bit and typically make contact with the material by laterally moving the cutting tool against it. CNC lathes are ideal for working with woods and metals. As for the CNC milling machine, it is one of the most common CNC machines in use today. Milling machines use rotary cutting tools that remove material from the workpiece. CNC milling machines can perform numerous functions, such as drilling, boring, creating slots, and cutting gears.


Novel Technologies


There are a number of CNC novel technologies that use various mediums to cut materials, including laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, oxy-fuel cutting machines, and water-jet cutting machines. However, it is electrical and chemical machining that make up the CNC novel technologies that are most commonly used. Such machines, which use a variety of specialized techniques to cut materials, include electron beam machines, electrical discharge machines, electrochemical machines, ultrasonic machines, and photochemical machines.



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