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How to Remodel Your Home in Minimum Budget 27 November, 2021   

Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.”

-Nate Berkus

People often think that remodeling your place might cost a lot. But when renovating the house, it can be an exhilarating & reinvigorating experience, especially to wait for the outcome!

Your home décor tends to showcase your choices and your personality to some extent. Before renovating your place, make sure you have proper plans and choose the best theme, right color hue, décor pieces for your home. A beautifully decorated home will inspire you and boost your creativity, as it stimulates positive vibes.

Give your place a look straight out of a luxury magazine without breaking the bank. Read on for some budget-friendly home renovation tips to add an extra flair to your home.

  1. Color Up Your Home: Paint your favorite shade and add some bold and trendy wall art designs. Pastel colors like lavender and mint green are trending these days; they are known for calming impact. Choose a proper hue, preferably light colors, as they brighten up your room and make it look spacious.

  2. Upgrade Your Screens: When looking for low-budget home decoration ideas, consider changing or adding curtains. You can DIY or buy ready-made curtains in the market; they aren’t expensive. Choose dip-dye or sheer curtains to give your home an elegant look. You can also try natural silk, linen, and cotton material curtains.

  3. Add Rugs: Put a large rug in the middle of the living room, medium rug near sofa set, cot, etc.; prefer going for a larger sized rug rather than smaller options as they can make your living space look quite congested. this will enhance the look of your place. Pick the right color rug that suits the decor theme and you’ll be good to go.

  4. Add Some Cushions: 
    These soft and cozy pillows around your house give a relaxed vibe. Add some throw pillows on your sofa to sit and relax while sipping your coffee or reading your favorite book. If you already have them, change the cushion covers that blend well with your chosen theme.
  5. Accessorize: Accessories illustrate your tastes and choices. You can just put some fairy lights in mugs, or wine bottles to give an aesthetic look to your place or use a statement showpiece, crystal figurines, etc.
  6. Create Your Artwork: 
    Statement artwork could be expensive; why don't you DIY it? Painting could be a stressbuster; you can also let your kid have some fun and showcase their creativity. You can put up few pictures on the wall to create a 'wall of memories'; this gives a personalized look that does not break your bank.
  7. Add Trendy Lighting: 
    Good lighting can boost the aesthetics of your place and give a luxurious look. A simple lamp hanging from the roof or an attractive lampshade make your room feel cozy and pleasant. Designer light fixtures are highly preferred, which will surely add more elegance to your home than standard light fixtures. But they might be expensive; you can look at a thrift store where you will find a unique piece at a budget-friendly price.
  8. Go Green: 
    Indoor plants are a good addition to your home decor; they are affordable and are easy to maintain. Plants re-energize you by purifying the air and making you feel connected to mother nature through its greenery.
  9. Label Kitchen Canisters: Put an end to the confusion on your kitchen counter by labeling your canisters. This will not only make it look classy but end your kitchen-counter confusion as you will know whether you are scooping salt or sugar.
As we evolve, our homes should too
-Suzanne Tucker

Take time out of your busy schedule to renovate the look of your place. Mentioned above are some hacks to decorate your home elegantly and give a rich look with minimum expenditure. We hope that these nine tips will help you remodel your home, especially when planning to relocate.

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