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How to Promote Your Online Course - A Quick Guide 24 February, 2020   

The e-learning industry is progressing at a rapid pace. The reach of online learning is more significant than ever as it has managed to bridge the education gap that can be noted in emerging economies. Great convenience, accessibility, and low cost have transformed the e-learning industry. 

The majority of growth in the e-learning segment comes from the massive demand in developing countries. E-learning provides them exposure to world-class resources without having to leave their home country. The share of global students participating in online courses has exploded in the recent decade. 

In a recent survey, it was highlighted that over 49 percent of students acknowledged that they took part in some form of e-learning activity in the past year (Chernev, 2019). Several projections hint that the number of students turning to online courses will continue to rise in the next twelve months at a rapid pace.   

With a massive demand in the marketplace, you should grab all the opportunity that you can to monetize your subject knowledge. If you develop online courses, there are steps that you can take to promote your course so that it reaches your potential students with much ease.   

The Best Ways to Promote Your Online Course 

Have you ever wondered what makes an online course succeed, and what is the factor that makes it fail? There are specific online courses that amass a huge amount of sales in no time while there are others that struggle and fall flat. The difference lies in the way you promote your course and where you promote it. Yes! It's true. 

Promoting a course is not as complicated as it sounds when it is done in the right way. It certainly requires you to put in additional efforts other than creating a course. However, it is not impossible.

1. Deal with online communities

Leveraging online communities can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of marketing your online course. Google your topic and check if people are talking about it. This will give you a start to find groups of people debating or maybe discussing your topic in various communities. And if you are really smart, you used the comments from within the communities to shoot exactly what you wished to teach. A few of the online communities you can utilize to increase your course sales

  • AirTract

AirTract is an upcoming e-learning platform where people learn and share their experience and knowledge. It is quite similar to Twitter & LinkedIn in terms of the 'follow' feature. AirTract is a combination of several platforms. It lets you post articles, be an instructor, provide you online courses, be an expert, or even get expert consultations from industry professionals. AirTract can also be defined as a  forum for Q&A where you probably find your questions and a heap of answers. You not only get quality answers from experts, but you also get to interact with them. Using AirTract is quite simple. You create an account(for free), and you get a chance to add your interesting topics. 

The nature of AirTract makes it an ideal place to promote your online course passively. Be patient to actually answer the individual questions. You can also write articles related to your niche and promote your course. Share additional information but in a non-spammy way. Using Airtract is an interesting way to supplement your branding and marketing activities. However, this should never be the only strategy to use, but can be a worthy tool for your marketing toolkit.

Quora, in my opinion, is the preeminent forum for Q&A. Just like we discussed the case of AirTract, Quora is also similar to the famous social media platforms, Twitter and LinkedIn, in regards to the 'follow' feature. By this, you can gather a following by being an expert on a specific subject. As a Q&A platform, you create an account, post a question, or answer questions related to your course topic. Look for industry-related discussions, share your idea, and include a link back to your course sales page. The more you contribute to the site, the more clicks you get. Elegant, right?

With over 113 million viewers per month, Reddit is a strong online community and news sharing network. Reddit is a powerful tool that can be utilized to drive traffic to your website, online courses, or blog. Reddit is the 118th most visited site in the world and 51st most visited site in the US. Reddit is divided into many subReddits, each of which explores a different topic. Target your submissions to the best subReddits. Participate in discussions actively. Post interesting and quality content and then redirect it to the sales page of your course. Don't try to post your link immediately after you create your account without gaining any reputation. Have a clear picture of what's happening on Reddit and then promote your course.

2. The power of social media 

Imagine a scenario: You spent many weeks to months, creating an online course that you are sure your audience will love. But when you launch it, all you got were crickets - just pindrop silence.

This would be really devastating, right? Yes, for sure. But instead of giving up, figure out the reason for this downfall. The most probable reason is that your course didn't reach a specific audience. This is where social media comes into play. Social media creates a buzz for your online course. It allows you to share your views, create a community, engage with the audience, and convert them.

  • Start a Facebook group or page

A Facebook group is a great place to communicate and express views with people who share common interests. The individuals joining for a common cause can share related content and comments in a group. The people who join your group are your potential students who may take up your course. A Facebook page is intended to be an official profile for companies, brands, or high profile individuals. These pages provide authenticity and can be followed by anyone on the platform. Different from groups, posts can be monetized and promoted to reach a wider audience. 

Facebook ads are one of the popular ways to make your site visible to your potential customers. While running Facebook ads, you can set your audience parameters like gender, location, interest, and age groups. Apart from ensuring all the targeted eyeballs getting caught, it comes with other benefits like Insights, where you analyze the success of your ad campaign. You can also engage in Facebook groups that are relevant to your field, of course, and build a strong audience. 

Instagram is found to be the most popular social media. Almost 71% of US businesses state that they use Instagram for marketing, which makes it very promising to invest in their campaigns. Since the same person owns Instagram and Facebook, its advertising platform is pretty much alike. However, Instagram is found to be more affordable for anyone with and without an advertising budget.

Instagrams and IG Tvs can help you create a buzz for your course. You can also buy Instagram shoutouts from people who have a huge following. This will help you expand your reach and get introduced to a new set of audience. 

  • LinkedIn - the professional network

LinkedIn marks more than 500 million users. These users include more than 90 million high-level influencers, 60 million decision-makers and 10 million of the C-suite. Use this as an opportunity and mention your course in the profile description. LinkedIn basically functions as your online resume - Utilize it!

LinkedIn ads can help your business reach a powerful professional audience. LinkedIn members are influential, they have two times more buying power than the average web crowd. Once you connect with people in your network, you can easily explore the people within their network. Being a professional platform, you'll get quality leads for your course. This natural networking tree can lead to more referral opportunities, partnerships, and in this case, more exposure for your course.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is a widespread advertising tool in its use. To reach out to your potential customers, you have to build your own email list to which you can frequently forward your promotions, discounts, and learning materials. Maintaining a consistent and active relationship can always get your promotion to be on point. Make your content worthy enough for the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Offering free resources can be used as a way to drive email sign-ups. 

4. Google Adwords

Google Adwords let you create an Ad that appears on top of the google search results for targeted keywords. It is a popular form of Pay Per Click advertising where you pay only when a visitor clicks on your Ad. The difficulty with Google Adwords is that the high-value keywords can be competitive. Also, you must make sure that the clicks you receive converts into customers. Otherwise, you might end up wasting a lot of money.

5.  Collaborate with other instructors

It's not a bad idea to collaborate with other instructors. Find the ones that provide courses complementary to yours. Combine your products and services and offer a unique deal to your students. By this, you are expanding your business network along with helping out a friend. 

6. Create a YouTube channel 

Being the second most visited platform on the planet, creating a YouTube channel is a must-follow strategy to promote your course. If you are serious about monetizing your course knowledge as an online course creator, then you also need to be serious about building an online presence. Creating a YouTube channel will enable you to share informative content about your course on it. This, in turn, will help you connect with a wider audience that is interested in your offerings. 

Apart from informative content, you can also post screencasts, presentation videos, training, and tutorial videos to keep your audience engaged. You can then use your channel as a medium to promote your online courses. While posting a video, make sure it gets a complete exposure by including keywords related to your subject in the title and a link to your course sales page in the description.

7. Start a blog

'A blog has the power to change lives,' and I am not exaggerating here. Blogging can educate, sell, and promote as far as you know how to do it right. Around 53% of marketers insist on blogging as their premium inbound priority. 

It is essential to gain valued exposure by sharing your thoughts on your blog. Share complementary course materials, industry insights, how-to-instructions to establish trust with your site visitors, and gain more brand awareness. Earn a healthy following and make your blog a great place to advertise your course. 

8. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another way of getting the word out there. Come up with unique articles that relate to your topic and find the common factor between your subject and the topic that the external website is interested in. In a 15-day guest blogging experiment conducted by Adam Enfroy, he found that he got a 372% increase in organic traffic through guest blogging. This really adds to your effort to promote your online course.

9. Offer a free mini-course 

Take a certain concept or section from your main course and publish it as a mini-course. Offer this mini-course for free, and invite them to join your main course to get deeper into your topic. This strategy gives your potential students a risk-free way to trust you before they actually purchase your main course.

10. Share student testimonials 

It is vital to building trust and credibility around your course if you want your online course to sell like hotcakes. As you are not offering any physical product and your course is more about service, you need to rely on word-of-mouth to grab the attention of potential students. 

This is the reason why you should collect feedback on your course from those who have already taken it. This can act as a positive influence on others and will compel them to sign up for your course. Testimonials provide social proof, which is extremely useful in the sales and marketing of your course to potential students.

We have done our part - now it's your turn to plan accordingly. Do your research, create your online course, and choose the best strategy to get it right. 

Wanting to become an instructor, we have a great opportunity for you. AirTract lets you become an instructor with a limit of a few clicks. Shoutout with the coupons and flash sale program to market it the best way. 

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