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How to Plan a Wedding for Two in Light of the Coronavirus 15 December, 2020   

Getting married during a pandemic is quite a challenge because you’re not supposed to be in a crowd of people because it’s not safe. If you plan on having a big wedding and you’re ready to wait, then 2020 isn’t your year. If you still want to tie the knot beside everything, you still can. However, you won’t be able to invite many people. What's more, you’ll probably plan a wedding for just two people - you and your future spouse. 

So, how to plan a wedding for two in light of the coronavirus?

Look into legal requirements first

If you’ve already set a date for your wedding but decided to opt-out of a wedding reception due to covid-19 restrictions, then you’re all set. You’ve probably gathered all the paperwork and know the drill. However, if you still have to arrange everything, then you need to look into legal requirements first. First of all, you need to check if you can receive a marriage license and which documents you need to submit to obtain one.

Inform people 

Even if this intimate and tiny wedding wasn’t your initial plan, but you’re tired of postponing and abandoning your plans, you still have a lot of people to inform of your decision. If you already sent out your invites for a particular date, but you had to cancel the ceremony due to covid-19 gathering restrictions, you have to let everyone know. Your friends will probably understand, but your parents, grandparents, siblings, and other close people might be hard on you to postpone. If having a wedding for just the two of you is your final decision, try to explain and accept that some people might have a hard time accepting it.

Hire a photographer

Having a photographer to take photos of your wedding is a must. A skilled professional will make your memories last forever even if there’s no one there to cheer you while you walk down the aisle. A photographer and videographer can be your shadows and capture the most important moments. You can later show these photographs and videos to your closest people and it will be like they were there with you.

Live stream the wedding

You’ve probably had a ton of Zoom parties by now so you’re used to virtual parties and festivities. A videographer can also assist you in setting up a live stream for people who still want to join you in your most intimate moment. They can still be with you, but miles apart and most importantly - at a safe distance. This is ideal for those family members who were offended by your decision to still hold the wedding without any guests or attendees.

Let people know in person you got married

Since you won’t have a typical wedding reception where people could come up to you and congratulate you, you can drive by each one of your friends and inform them in person. For example, if you’re in Australia or some other country where it’s a totally different season, you can use your wedding transportation creatively. Let’s say you’re getting married in Sydney, and go for one of many luxurious  wedding cars Sydney has to offer. Once you tie the knot you can drive to each one of your friends and let them know you tied the knot while you still practice social distancing. A wedding car will contribute to making the grand entrance and help you do this in style. You can even take stylish photos with your friends. You can stand by the car and your friends can pose six feet behind you.  

If you’re somewhere where it’s cold right now, so driving by and chit chatting while maintaining a safe distance won’t be that comfortable, you can rely on Skype, Zoom, or other options to inform your dearest and nearest in person.

Treat yourself to a great wedding reception

You can still celebrate your wedding and have an intimate dinner and a tiny party. If the restaurants in your area are open, you can go have a wedding lunch. If this is not the case, you can order take out and eat at home. You can create a wedding playlist in advance so you’ll be able to have fun at home and dance the night away. You can still have your first dance at home and get lost in the moment with your loved one.

Even if the pandemic has ruined all your wedding plans, you can still tie the knot but in slightly different circumstances. Maybe you can have a micro wedding instead of a big ceremony. Or, you can go for a simple and intimate ceremony of two plus witnesses. 

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