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Let's all face the undeniable fact " Students.. Actually everyone these days are so entitled and lack a degree of emotional maturity our ancestors had"

Students these days are constantly bombarded with attention seeking ads and apps and social media platforms designed to give them a dopamine boost and make them addicted to it. Right? 

I mean I am not blaming anyone or pointing any finger. I myself am guilty of being addicted to all these things. 

While I believe it doesn't have any direct consequences, it is changing a lot of other things about myself. 

I consistently notice myself getting less patient about things that matter. Having a focused mindset for long periods of time has become a problem as well! 

Also actually being able to connect and maintain good relationships with friends and family for prolonged periods of time is also affected. 

So here's how to overcome the problems caused by technology and social media


This is an age old trick but it always works well for me! 

Meditation can do wonders to your life. They say "You can learn more in an hour of silence than in a year of living"

How can meditation actually help you? 

  • You become very patient by default. Alot of things stops bothering you and you start feeling the difference quite soon

  • You get in touch with your feelings this way! 

  • You are in a clear mental space!

This might sound dumb or boring to alot of people and it’s completely upto you to do what you feel like, but again, you are reading this article because you want to fix your overwhelming feelings and emotions right?

So it’s better you give this a try and you’ll start seeing the difference in a week!


How many of us are actually self aware? We live in a world where everyones so eager to date and get to know other people.. But not themselves!

If you feel lost or overwhelmed and sometimes feel like you don’t really love your life, it’s because your inner values are not being realized and given importance to!

Get to know yourself. What you really want and what is the reason behind that desire. Know what drives you. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Get the big picture straight.

Get weekly, monthly and yearly goals set so even if there are some problems in between, you won’t feel lost since you know exactly where you are headed


Focusing is something that a lot of us have troubles with. Right?

Even if we get into something, we have this urge to just look at our notifications, and believe me there are tons of things in your notifications that would grab your attention and would tempt you to click it.


This is a pretty common problem and I recently faced this a lot and so I decided to install some focus apps and this changed a lot in my life. Focus apps are gamified which means that it is interesting to test your limits of focus span and guess what once you get into this

Self Regulation

This is the capacity to control feelings and motivations. Individuals who self-direct regularly don't permit themselves to turn out to be excessively irate or desirous, and they don't make hasty reckless choices. They think before they act. Qualities of self-guideline are care, comfort with change, uprightness , and the capacity to state no


Individuals with a serious level of enthusiastic insight are generally persuaded. They're willing to concede quick outcomes for long haul achievement. They're profoundly profitable, love a test, and are successful in whatever they do.

Which career path is evergreen?

e response to this inquiry could fluctuate from nation to nation however for the time being promoting and programming looks encouraging. 

Be that as it may, again would you say you are searching for an alternate way or would you say you are hoping to turn into a specialist in a field? 

Since specialists consistently flourish. Regardless of what the economy is. So attempt to get into something that you are acceptable at or that you are into so you can invest more energy and become a specialist in it. 

This methodology is better on the grounds that you won't depend on outside elements for your profession. 

Overseeing time 

Evade an errors 

Online practice test 

Online arrangement 

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