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How to Make Your Customers Feel Valued 09 December, 2020   

If you own a business and are thinking about how you can make your customers feel appreciated, keep these key factors in mind and you will accomplish a trusting relationship with your loyal customers. 

Genuinely Thank Your Customers

Showing your customers you appreciate them by genuinely thanking them for choosing your brand means a lot. If you own a small business, consider thanking every customer individually. You can contact every customer you’ve worked with for the past year and say something along the lines of “I am calling to thank you for doing business with us. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and we appreciate it.” 

Pay attention

Make sure you are paying attention to your customers’ inquiries. There are numerous channels your customers can use to reach out to you and you should try to track all of them and be as responsive as possible. You should aim to solve any problems your customers may have within 24 hours. In addition to that, you should have available staff during business hours so that they can answer customers’ calls. You could also provide some automated tools that can respond to social media messages and emails. 

Be There For Them After the Sale Closed

Customers truly appreciate an honest and lasting relationship, especially the one that lasts past the sale time. This is why you should always check in with your customers in case they have any questions or issues. Think about how you could get them to be and feel more included. Find ways in which you can promote their business as well as utilize their services. For instance, you can have your clients featured on your podcast and share content about their business on your social media platforms. 

Listen, Then Remember

Actively listening to people is essential and important for several reasons. It helps you earn their trust as well as loyalty. It creates a stronger bond between you and your customers. That is why you should try to listen and hear properly as much as possible. Try to ask them relevant questions and brainstorm ideas together. Then, try to remember and revisit those ideas. When starting a conversation with them tell them you've been thinking about their ideas and input and let them know you've noticed huge progress ever since they arrived. 

Always Tell Them the Truth

Clients may not always like the truth. They may not be ready to tackle the challenge. However, telling the truth is the key to making any partnership work. You should always be honest about your business and let them know what you can work with. Telling the truth will enable you to work with them in order to make the best decisions as well as find the best outcome within their resources and priorities. 

Show You Are Acting On Their Feedback

You need to send a message to your customers loud and clear “We hear you and we’re working on it.” Never forget your customers’ feedback. When you ask them to give you feedback, make sure you let them know it’s received. They need to know that their voices are heard and that you are going to do something with their feedback. Once you do something about it, let them know what you did and why. Then, thank them for bringing the matter to your attention. 

Be presentable

Always aim to be presentable as a business. This implies that you need to take care of your workspace. Make sure it is clean, professional, and neat at all times. If you own an online business, you need to make sure your website, mobile app, and all of the information you provide is updated and easily available to all. 

Improve their shopping experience

You also need to make sure your customers’ overall experience of working with you is at its finest. Your customers' shopping experience should be your number one priority. There are many ways you can improve their experience. You can make information more available, give them easy access to your online shopping websites, you can provide a clothes size guide so that they have appropriate help picking the right size and materials, and so on. 

Update Them on Industry Trends

Firstly, you should never make the communication between you and your customers feel like a sales newsletter. Their inboxes are most likely already filled with those. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update them on what your company has been up to. Try to send your customers an occasional update on your business

This strategy will help establish your business as a knowledgeable resource as well as show that your company is on top of the game. Secondly, this is a non-invasive way to present the importance of your service. Show your customers in which way your company has improved and grew and let them give you their feedback. 



All things considered, to make your customers feel valued and appreciated there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Apart from keeping your website updated, you should also take good care of your customers’ experience, create a strong bond with them, and always be honest. 

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