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How to lose weight fast naturally 29 April, 2020   

How to lose Weight Fast Naturally

If only losing weight was as easy as gaining it.  Although there are plenty of ads convincing you to try them for weight loss, a few of them actually work for you. So how to lose weight when you can’t exercise due to injury?  Perhaps you have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to join the gym or do difficult poses of yoga. If you want to loose the stubborn pounds this year, keep it in mind that weight loss depends on 20% of the exercise and 80% of diet and other lifestyle factors. Here are some tips mentioned to help you in the process.


1. Don’t try a Fad Diet again

Do the Fad diets ever work on a long term basis? Sure you might drop some pounds but these strategies aren’t long lasting and you might gain the weight back again. So, instead focus on changing your lifestyle and improving eating habits.

Christy Harrison, a Californian based trainer says,” Weight loss never lasts; scientific research has proven this—again and again. It actually leads to weight cycling, which research suggests may be the cause of many of the health problems we associate with being overweight, like diabetes and heart attack.”

2. Eat more Protein

Eating more protein can keep you full and satisfied for long and not just protein.  You should also include healthy plant sources like legumes, beans and seeds, etc. Proteins need 25 percent more energy to be absorbed than carbohydrates, so it is possible to complete the calorie intake without eating less food. 

3. Know about Good Nutrition

You should try to minimize or cut-off all sugary and salty foods from your diet. Your plate should be full with one-half of salad, one quarter of carbohydrate and one quarter of protein. Try to use natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil and ghee. Use natural fruits instead of juices and drink more water. Often, our body misunderstands thirst as hunger and drinking a glass of water can help us in this uncertainty. 


4 .Eat only Healthy Fats

When you are trying to lose weight fast naturally, it seems good to drop off the use of fats. However, the right type of fat can offer multiple health benefits. Research proves that eating healthy fats like avocado can help you become full and content for long period of time and eventually you will drop off sugary snacks and commit to a healthy regime of eating.

4. Try meal –prepping

Meal-prepping does not seem exciting but spending a few hours every weekend preparing for the week ahead, you are less likely to get out of track and consume foods that are not good for your health. Also, meal prepping can save you money that is to be wasted in purchasing unhealthy and junk food.

In short, losing weight  fast without exercise is possible if we develop a proper balanced routine and minimize the use of sugary and salty foods.

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