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How to create a mobile application: step-by-step instructions from IT Systems Limited 19 August, 2020   

The work on creating a mobile application is divided into several stages:

Preparatory phase

This stage is always required before creating the application. At this point, IT Systems Limited experts recommend finding answers to the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of creating an application for the company?

2. Why does the consumer need it? What will motivate him/her to install the application on his/her smartphone or tablet?

3. What should the application be able to do so that the users can easily get what they are looking for?

4. What platforms should the application work on (for IOS, Android, Windows)?

5. What method of creation is right for you and how much will it cost to create an application and then use it?

6. What maintenance is required after startup? For example, do you need to monitor the health of the work daily?

The purpose of this stage is to look at the future application from the user's point of view. After all, you are looking for an answer to the question "How to make a user like your mobile application?"

Application development

The practical stage of creating applications is development. After careful analysis in the previous step, you already imagine the necessary functions and characteristics of the future product. This means that you can choose a designer taking them into account.

There are thematic and general templates. For example, there is a special constructor for MobiCart online stores, where every detail is already provided. On the net, you can find templates for blogs, travel applications, fitness and beauty, etc. It is worth carefully studying them - perhaps it will be enough just to add a little personality to the pages and the application is ready.

Mobile application launch and testing

Before the application is released, IT Systems Limited advises to ensure that it is functioning correctly. If there are serious mistakes in it, all work will be done in vain.

Testing requires a smartphone connected to a computer.

While testing, it is important to check:

if all functions work correctly;

• whether it works with all planned types of operating systems;

• whether it can withstand increased user load;

• how various changes in the transmission rate or status of a mobile device affect its performance.

There are automated programs for testing applications. However, nothing replaces manual work. Ideally, it should be performed by a user who has not previously seen the interface and has not participated in its development. If you choose the free option, ask someone you trust about this service.

Mobile app promotion

The idea to make an application was realized not only in your company, the competition among developers is very high. This is true not only for computer games and online stores, but also for any other sphere. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how you will promote the application even at the stage of preparation, and after the launch, regularly and consistently implement the selected measures.

The most effective promotion option is advertising. It encourages the user to install the application. As advertising platforms, you can use Google, social networks, and related applications that may be of interest to your target audience.

But attracting customers is only half the battle. You need a whole range of measures to turn a user who has clicked the Install button into your loyal customer.

Measures taken by IT Systems Limited to gain user loyalty:

• regular updating of the material (if we are talking about an information supplement);

• periodic push notifications (for example, with information about discounts or promotions, but not too often, otherwise the annoying application will be removed from the phone);

• adding new functions following the needs users’ needs;

• work with reviews on different sites. Including negative ones, because they are especially carefully studied before installation.

Remember: just making an application is not enough to reach the TOP of popular stores – the process must be constantly maintained and developed.

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