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How To Control Your Laughter At Critical Situations 19 June, 2020   

5–10 minutes exercise, 2-3 times a week to increase your will power of controlling your laughter at critical situations. A situation which your brain may be linked to a fun event and reminds you about that event suddenly due to any past experience, the event may be funny for you but not funny for others present in the scene. Since, it is reminded by your own mind.

What Exercise?

It’s a little funny but a worthwhile

When going to talk about seriousness the famous and idealized character people usually imagine is one and only “Batman” who never laugh even don’t give a single smile in his bat suit.

Let’s move to exercise

The exercise is to watch 5 to 10 minutes duration funny video but the hard work part is not to laugh or smile while watching that fun.


Question:  How it will work?

 Answer:   By generating a signal to your subconscious mind which will work as a trigger.


Assuming yourself as a conscious mind and your brain as a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind follows the orders and signals given by conscious mind. Since ordering or giving signals to your subconscious mind making you to assume yourself as a strong conscious mind.

Remember that these are huge subjects and a lot of books have been written on it, here we only discussed and assumed a trailer of the subconscious and conscious mind.


In this exercise while watching the video you must generate a signal and order it to your brain, this signal will work as a trigger to control your will. This signal should be like this;

“It’s not funny at all” OR “It is not funny” OR “Not funny” OR “No fun” Or any other statements like these as according to your desire.

1.       Don’t do this practice for more than 10 minutes or more than thrice per week.

2.       There is no time frame, when you will come to realize that you gained enough control over your laughing strength then it can be reduced to ones in a month or year. It depends on your will power.

If exercise got fail

 What if, attempt to this exercise will be failed or unsuccessful and you laugh while watching the video. Then there are two ways to deal with this.

First way

 Skip the exercise and enjoy the fun, do the exercise another time.

Second way

 Try again at the same time, the same spot by re-watching the same video and complete your exercise. No matter how many times you need to watch the video to complete your exercise perfectly.



Where a person would leave this exercise due to the failure of multiple times, in this case, his laughing habit may be gone worst.

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