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How To Connect and Surprise Parents Living Far Away ? 16 September, 2020   

It’s common for children to move out to different cities and countries to realize their ambitions and goals. Many of you must be living away from home, away from your parents. While you have found a home away from the home, it goes without saying you dearly miss your parents. And your parents miss you more. 

In the hush-rush of daily life, you may not be able to keep in touch with them, call them or meet them. With the current situation that the entire world is undergoing, a trip to your parents may be impossible. We duly understand how hard it is for you and your parents. And we would like to help you with ideas so that the sweet smile on your parent’s face never vanishes, even when you are not with them. 

Bonus: There are some surprises to make their special days like birthdays and anniversaries unforgettable. 

1. Send Them Photographs: Cover the distance virtually, and connect with your parents. Send them your photographs and pictures of your daily routine. You bought a new dress, wear, click, and send it to your parents. Not only will you feel good, but they will also feel happy seeing you. Ask them how they like the dress. Is it suiting you, etc. etc. Make them a part of your daily routine. Send them pictures of your work from home, cooking, etc. Moreover, encourage them to send you their pictures. This is one of the ways to make them feel connected to you and vice-versa. 

2. Weekend Video-Calls: You may be catching with them daily or occasionally through calls and texts. But, save the weekends for video-calls. Even a 15-minute video call is enough to make them feel loved and remembered. Whatever time suits you and them, make a video call. You can do it in the morning and evening as well. Then, once in a week, you can go for a family video call or you can have a family video call on their special days like anniversaries, birthdays of your mom and dad.


3. Send Them Gifts and Cake: Special days call for family time. You may be away from them, but you can still shower your love and wishes on them through gifts. Make it a surprise gift delivery. Whatever they like or have been wanting to buy, send them online. Along with a gift, make a cake delivery because the secret ingredient is always the cake! Then, do a video call and ask them to cut the cake. Sing for them, share laughter, and celebrate together. To make this successful, you will need to find a portal that offers gift and cake delivery in patna or any other Indian city your parents reside in.

4. Help Them With Their Daily Chores: We know what you are thinking. How is this possible living far away? It is! Whenever you call them, ask whether they need something like groceries, medicines, etc. If they share with you anything, do not ignore it, instead find ways how you can help them. Send them groceries and medicines online. Teach them how to operate mobile phones and other electronic devices at home for a comfortable life. Help them book cabs so that they can visit their friends and closed ones. Track their cab, and ask them if they have reached safely. Do not leave them alone, even when miles away. Stay with them, forever.

5. Surprise Visit: Make them a surprise visit whenever you can. If you live in the same country but different cities, visit them on weekends. A knock on the door out of the blue from you will make their day. If you live in different countries, visit them once a month or months. But, do visit them. Alternatively, you can send them tickets to see you.


You may have a hundred and one things to do. But, the first thing is to stay connected with your parents. No matter how busy life gets, make time for your parents. That’s the only thing they ever demand from you. 

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