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How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds And How To Stop Them 04 December, 2020   

Our smartphones have become one of the most critical possessions of our lives. The figures state that around 81% of the people around the world now have access to a smartphone. Everyone out of five-person who owns a smartphone checks their mobile once every 5 minutes. The prevalence of smartphones in today's world has increased by huge margins.

Think about yourself. Will you be able to go out for a full day without your smartphone? Can you do it easily? In recent research, it has been found out that individuals who have been asked to spend a day without their smartphone found it very difficult.

Just walk in a public place, and you can spot almost all the people using their smartphones for various purposes. From clicking pictures for their social media to making a video call, smartphones have many advantages.

Now, you can probably imagine how much our brains are functioning throughout the day when we are continuously using our smartphones, right? This inevitably leaves an impact on it. Doctors all over the world have mentioned that the usage of a smartphone does affect our brain.

Let us have a look at how smartphones hijack our minds, and are there any way by which we can stop it.

How smartphones hijack our minds?

In the last few years, different research has been done to identify smartphone usage's effects on our brains. It has come forward that it undoubtedly has an impact and its intensity depends on the person. Some suffer from

short-term issues, whereas many become smartphone addict and gets affected for a more extended period.

In research conducted, it has been found out that individuals who belong to the youth majorly with a habit of using their smartphones almost all the time have imbalances in their respective brain chemistry. And this is not the case with the people who use smartphones for a limited time.

So you can understand that there are indeed some changes in the mind when we are addicted to smartphones. Here are some of the negative ways smartphones can affect your mind if you stick to it all the time.

Affects Social and Emotional Skills:

For many years now, doctors have believed that if people are addicted to their smartphones, they tend to lose their social skills. When people use these devices to entertain or calm themselves from real-life problems, they massively affect their social development and problem-solving skills.

Nowadays, it can be very commonly seen that children of a younger age tend to remain indoors because of these gadgets. They find them more interesting, but as a result, their social skills and physical development lags.

Face to face and physical interaction with the people around us are much more involving and direct than chatting in their mobiles for long hours.

Significant Sleep Loss:

Using your smartphone late at night can very seriously affect your habits and activities. One of the most important and serious of them is the interference with your sleeping pattern. Many people also suffer from sleep disorders like Insomnia.

Researchers have stated that it is not always the desire to stay awake to check your notifications that keep sleep at bay. But it is the light emitted from the smartphones which are also responsible. The blue light emitted from our smartphones leads to a decrease in melatonin levels, a hormone that helps to induce sleepiness.

Severe changes in sleeping patterns or sleeping disorders can drastically affect a person's physical and mental health.

Can Cause Mental Laziness:

This point is important, especially for students. Experts have continuously warned people that too much reliance on your smartphone can seriously affect the way your brain thinks and works.
With the advent of the internet and the usage of a smartphone, people can quickly get all the answers they are looking for at the snap of a finger! Nowadays, people, especially students, do not have to go through books or documents to know and learn about the different things around them. They can also get all their answers from Google.

Students do not even think about the answers in an analytical or logical because these are always available. Instead of remembering answers, phone numbers, or even an important appointment, one can easily note them down in their digital memo pad and also set a notification so that their phone can remind them of it.
Mobile phones do not necessarily make a person dumb or forgetful, but it inevitably interferes with our natural ability to think and put our brain to use. Therefore our mind tends to become lazy.

So you can see how smartphones hijack our minds in different ways. All of the information discussed in the above section has been genuinely addressed and agreed upon by experts worldwide.

How to stop smartphones from affecting our lives negatively?

As time passes, more people are experiencing different kinds of difficulties due to smartphone addiction. They are slowly learning how smartphones hijack our minds. Are you also addicted to your smartphone? Do you know how you can stop it from affecting your brain? Have a look at these fantastic ideas that will keep your phone at bay.

Outdoor Activities:

Outdoor activities are significant, especially when you want to keep yourself fit and healthy. Take yourself out for a walk or run or play every morning or whenever you get time.
You can also invite your friends and family members to join you. This will keep your body fit, help you maintain a good structure, reduce stress, and even increase social interactions with people.

Read Books:

You must have surely come across the famous quote by Groucho Marx that β€œa book is man's best friend,” isn't it? Now, the book is your best friend more than it ever was.
Instead of reading your favorite novel on your phone, buy a hard copy of it and read the book. Sip on a hot beverage and enjoy your novel. You will surely feel much better. Your eyes will also get the much-needed relaxation from the harmful blue light.

Get Into Some Hobby:

Due to mobile phones' introduction to our lives, many of us left our hobbies. Now it is time to get back to them. Hobbies are engaging, and they will keep you occupied. The more occupied you are, the lesser time you spend with your phone.

If you don’t have a hobby, then sit back and try to do something interesting which you find intriguing. Getting engaged in a hobby surely reduces stress and the constant habit of using your mobile.

So, here were some of the most simple and effective ways in which you can reduce your interaction with your mobile phone. These ideas are simple, fun to carry out, and have worked effectively for many people. Therefore you can try them out as well.
There is no doubt that smartphones' introduction has also improved our lifestyle and the way we look at our world. But you need to agree that it can also negatively affect your brain if you get addicted to it.

Researchers are working extensively to find out more data and information on how smartphones hijack our minds and affect people's lives in the coming future. Use these amazing gadgets when you need them and in a limited way. Do not overdo something you think is stressing you out or can harm your life very seriously.

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