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How Puzzle Can Help Your Kid To Grow 28 December, 2020   

Along with traditional education, you need something extra for your kid to develop and grow their mind. A Puzzle can serve this purpose very well. 

I started using a puzzle for my kid from age of 3, and I noticed quite a change. A puzzle can force kids to exercise their brains and start thinking out of the box.

And in the real world, more than education, kids require analytical and problem-solving techniques.

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So here are the advantages of Puzzle, I noticed for my kid:

  • Develop problem-solving technique - So my kid starts solving ore puzzles, different kind of like jigsaw, Crossword, and others. This helped him with problem-solving and find different ways to solve problems.
  • More time with family - So instead of watching a movie or games, my kid loves to play with puzzles and this helps me to engage and spend time with him.
  • Increase vocabulary - This is so great to find new words and understand the spelling of certain words, at the beginning age. Puzzles like Crossword can help you to grow and memorize the spellings.
  • Less screen time - Puzzles helped my kid to spend less time with ipad and TV and be with family and have fun at the same time.
  • Make new friends - Kids can play with puzzles in groups and make new friends.
  • Make Math your new friend- Puzzles can also help you to make math as your friendly subject. You can learn Addition, Subtraction, etc easily with fun.
  • Cognitive skills -All kids learn at their own pace. Having a puzzle lets them get a deeper understanding. Things like fruit, vegetables, and outside things can be related to them because they are working with them during the puzzle.
  • Motor skills - Puzzles are one of the easy and fun ways to learn motor skills. Things like holding an object, putting it in the right places, will be much easier and kids will earn it early age.
  • Hand-eye coordination - Puzzle requires hand-eye coordination, so a kid will have to do that together and hence it will help him or her to achieve it.
  • Be Competitive - A kid when completes the puzzles feels competitive and self-esteem. It will help them to be ready for the future. 

So once you know the benefits of Puzzles, the next big thing where to find these puzzles. You can buy the best Puzzles on Amazon, this is the best place I buy Puzzles from.

Learn more at my blog - Best Puzzle for Kids 


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