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How Japanese Animation industry considering as a profitable business? 20 July, 2020   

How Japanese Animation industry considering as a profitable business and how can make a successful business by exploit the power of its popularity?

     Many of us in the childhood had watched animations which were shown in TV and we were always attached to every things that is related to them such as toys, collectibles, video games, magazines and costumes. The Japanese animation is considering as one of the most common animation in the world and it is very familiar between young people. In the recent years, it developed and became one of the supportive industries of Japan’s economy. Japanese animation industry is profitable business. We can harnessing the power of it in business and in marketing solution. This research will taking about how Japanese animation industry considering as a profitable business and how can make a successful business by exploit the power of its popularity.


     Japanese animation industry record high revenues and profits every year. According to the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) annual report, in 2017, the revenues of the Japanese animation reached a record $19.1 billion (Gavin J. Blair. 2018). In Addition, Japanese animation movies have achieved significant success in the world marketplace and that led to increase the popularity of it in the worldwide (Muto, T. n.d). For example, Spirited Away film, which animated by Studio Ghibli, is the most successful animation film in the world. In fact, it overtook Titanic film and record high profits. In addition, there are many of Japanese animation films and series such as Pokémon, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Death Note, One Piece, and others that exceed the popularity of American cartoons and films. This prove that Japanese animation industry are powerful and the success of it crossing to over the global market. In these days, Japanese animation is gaining more international recognition with the rapid growth of anime market (Mark W. MacWilliams, 2008).


     There are some factors that make Japanese animation and Manga industry as profitable business. Japanese animation and Manga is popular between many young people inside and outside Japan. It attract global audience and that due to translating the texts to different language. For example, the first Japanese animation was shown in U.S is Astro Boy in 1960s and it dubbed into English. In 1994, Japanese animation had become more popular in U.S and there are many animation series translated into English and shown on TV. There are variety of Japanese animation which attract different tastes of people. For example, there are science fiction animations which attract people who interest in advanced science, technology and space exploration also there are comedy, drama, action, Fantasy and horror for people who like suspense and excitement etc. This variety of the genres of the Japanese animation make it profitable industry and attract many people around the world.


     Japanese animation are commercially viable and it is a good opportunity to invest in it. There are many companies exploit the popularity of Anime in their branding advertising campaigns. For example, Nissin Foods Company made an advertising campaign for instant noodles that called “Hungry Days” by using the most famous anime series and films such as Kiki delivery service, Heidi, Girl of the Alps and One Piece (Heller, C. 2018). These advertising campaigns can catch people readily and rapidly especially the young whose are fans of these Japanese animation. The Anime video and DVD markets is profitable as well. AD Vision which is the largest distributor of Japanese animation in the US said that the Anime segment is growing faster and now there are twenty company like it (Gardiner, D. n. d).

As Japanese animation has received big attention and acceptance around the world, there are many business ideas that can exploiting anime. One of the brilliant business ideas is to open anime themed cafes. For example, in Japan, there are a lot of anime and Manga themed cafes such as Pokémon Cafe which there are over 20 various dishes that take shape of Pokémon characters. Also, there are One Piece Café and it doubles up as a library which guests can read Manga and enjoy (Sukri, H. 2018). Another brilliant business idea, which generates profits is to open anime store for selling Coplay costumes, accessories, figures, posters, Manga, anime DVD and video games. Additionally, local and regional anime events provide a good opportunity to do your business. For example, in North America, there is event called Anime Expo and it’s the self-proclaimed largest Anime and Manga convention. It holds annual conventions for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs to sell and display their products (McNulty, A. 2017). The most important thing to start build your anime business is to identify the target audience and what they most interest in because that will help in increase the popularity of your business and attracting more customers. 

        Based on my research, I made a questionnaire and I distribute it online over different groups in Facebook to know the opinions of people about Japanese animation and if they interested in it. Also, to know if they think that use anime in the commercial business is a good idea. Most of participants are between 12-29 years old (72.2%), approximately 27.8% are between 30-40. Firstly, I asked them if they interested in Japanese animation. As it shown in chart below (1-5), 66% said yes and 17% said they are interested a little. Secondly, I found that 83% of participants prefer Japanese animation rather than American cartoons as it shown in chart (2-5). It can be seen below in chart (3-5) that 62% of participants are agree with use anime in commercial advertising is a good idea to attract more people. Also, I asked them if the anime is popular in their country. In chart (4-5), it shown that most of participants said it is slightly popular. Finally, 55% of participants agree with open anime store is profitable business as it shown in chart (5-5).  


     In conclusion, the Japanese animation has a power and we can harnessing it in markets. In my opinion, make anime business is profitable idea as it enjoying great popularity in these days between many people. Also, I think that open anime store in the countries which is not very familiar about Japanese animation will increase the popularity of it and make people want to know much about it. However, it may not be profitable if you don’t make a good planning. So, before you start into anime business make sure to make a good plan and feasibility study. Finally, searching in the internet will really help you to get some good ideas and advices and to know what the most people like.




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