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How Does Neuroticism Affect Personal Relationships? 27 May, 2022   

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There are a variety of personality characteristics that might have an impact on a couple's relationship. It's possible that a person's neurotic inclinations, for example, can produce friction. Find out how neuroticism affects relationships and how to minimize its possibly harmful effects by reading this article.

What Do We Mean When We Talk About Neuroticism?

It is a personality trait that measures a person's capacity to maintain a stable emotional state. It's typically described as having a gloomy outlook on life, being unable to control one's impulses, having a hard time dealing with stress, and having a strong reaction to imagined dangers.

Neuroticism is characterized by an inability to control one's emotions and a greater sensitivity to stimuli. Hans Eysenck and others further built on this idea, which has its roots in Freud's work. As part of the "Big Five" personality traits, neuroticism is one of the most common characteristics. Personality traits such as these have persisted across time and are frequently used to classify people.

Is Neuroticism Affecting Your Relationships?

Relationships may suffer as a result of neuroticism. Here are a few examples of how this personality feature can influence your relationships with others. You can also visit this page to learn more about coping with neurotic behaviors so they don’t interfere with important relationships. 

Increased Annoyance

People with a high level of neuroticism may be viewed as obnoxious by others. Neurotic people, for example, may irritate those around them by exhibiting such actions as:

  • Criticism of other people

  • Being unduly reliant on others, or relying on others for assistance instead of resolving their own problems

  • Excessive whining

  • Seeking reassurance at all times

  •  Exaggerating the importance of minor concerns in order to get attention

There Are More Disagreements

Having a high level of neuroticism can sometimes put you at odds with your coworkers. Confrontation may be the only way to get your point across to someone who's been cutting you off in traffic, for example. You may also scream or become enraged at the persons you believe have caused you stress if simple problems throw you over the brink.

Some persons with a high level of neuroticism accuse others of doing things because they are worried about what they will think about them. This could manifest itself in the form of falsely accusing your partner of adultery, which could lead to a breakup. Alternatively, you may take things out on your pals in an aggressive manner, which can damage your friendships.

Obsessing over little things and striving for perfection may also prevent you from completing activities that are asked of you by others. This, too, has the potential to cause friction and conflict.

Appearing Untrustworthy

As a result of a lack of emotional stability, people with neuroticism may be perceived as untrustworthy by others.

People may begin to doubt their ability to remain composed in the face of stress if you have a tendency to lose control. It's possible for them to worry that they won't be able to rely on you if you freak out at the tiniest of threats.

If you have a low tolerance for stress, your boss or a potential love interest may determine that you are not the perfect candidate for a big promotion or that you are not the person they want to spend their entire life with.

Increased Guilt

High neurotic scores can lead to feelings of self-blame for situations that are not their own fault. As a result of this guilt, they tend to apologize for every minor mistake or obsess over their mistakes long after it's appropriate to do so, which might accidentally drive others away.

Those with a high level of neuroticism may believe that this guilt is necessary or beneficial, yet it can actually harm their relationships. Anxiety and sadness are more likely to develop if you have a predisposition to feel guilty.


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