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How do we protect our dogs during the COVID-19 virus outbreak? 18 May, 2020   

The new coronavirus is spreading around the world, and many people are worried about themselves and their dogs.

How do we protect ourselves and our dogs during an outbreak?

On February 26, 2020, a Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong, China, tested weakly for the COVID-19 virus for the first time, and three more tests confirmed a low level of new coronavirus infection.

On March 4, experts from the University of Hong Kong, city university of Hong Kong and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) confirmed that the dog had a low level of infection with the COVID-19 virus. The dog’s 60-year-old owner was hospitalized with new coronavirus. Samples from the dog’s mouth and nose tested weakly positive for the new coronavirus. The discovery raised doubts among scientists around the world that the new coronavirus was unlikely to spread so quickly across species. WHO officials confirmed that a dog in Hong Kong infected with the coronavirus isn’t show any symptoms.

Maria Van Kohoff, technical director of WHO’s emergency programs, said the dogs were in good condition and had no symptoms. There was only one case of dog infection with the new coronavirus, and it was not the main route of transmission. Michael Ryan, head of the who’s health emergency programme, said such conditions had been seen in other diseases before and did not mean they were closely linked to the spread of new pneumonia.

Health officials also said there’s no evidence that animals can transmit the coronavirus but they will study the case to address further questions.

The spokesman stressed that there was no evidence that pets could transmit 2019 coronavirus or become ill as a result. Besides maintaining good hygiene, pet owners should not worry too much. Under no circumstances should they abandon their pets.

How can we protect ourselves and our pets if we have no way to judge whether our pets are healthy or not by daily observation?

When our family members are in danger of getting sick, what we should do is to find ways to learn how to protect it.

Dr. Li LanJuan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said so in the interview: usually pets should be quarantined, so in this kind of epidemic season now, the master of the pet should strengthen management for both himself and the pets, if there is no contact with the infected patient, and no contact with the suspicious of infected people, then you the pet should be fine; however, if your pet ran outside, or come into contact with the epidemic area, or contact with infected people, that your pet should be under monitoring.

And When did a reporter ask it is possible for people to infect their pets, right? Dr Li said because this virus is passed from mammal to mammal, we have to guard against this situation too.

So how can we protect our dog? Here are some tips you can be aware of:

1. Try to reduce the time and frequency of walking the dog outside, don’t gather people to walk the dog, and try to avoid contact between dogs and the outside world;

2. Do not keep pets in a free-range, to avoid carrying the virus. Pets that have come into contact with the epidemic area may be carriers of the virus (not infected, but carried, such as masks, clothing will also be carried), and need to be isolated;

3. Pay attention to environmental hygiene, keep disinfectant water at home, and do the daily disinfection;

4. Washing hands with soap and water after contact with pets can significantly reduce the spread of other common bacteria between pets and humans, such as e. Coli and salmonella;

5. If your pet has health problems, first consult a pet expert online.

6. Don’t panic, and don’t abandon your pet.

Should dog wear a mask to prevent the Coronavirus in dogs?

The AFCD(Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) also responded to these requests from dog owners. According to AFCD, it is difficult for dogs to wear masks, and since dogs don’t have sweat glands and rely on their tongues to dissipate heat, wearing masks can make them feel uncomfortable, so the most important thing is to keep them clean.

Is there any coronavirus vaccine in dogs?

unfortunately, right now there aren’t any. So the best way is to taking care of it and do not take the dog out as possible as you can.

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