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How Clutter Negatively Impacts Your Work Productivity 16 September, 2020   

Many things hurt your productivity. From being too busy, having a scattered mind, working from home, to getting distracted by people, it’s hard to get a streak of productivity going.

But one thing that you can control that harms your work productivity is the clutter around you.

Here are five things that show how clutter reduces your work productivity:

It poses as a distraction

You wouldn’t think that random objects can serve as a distraction, but they are competing for your attention.

If you have toys or other items within arm’s reach in your work station, they can distract you. You’ll find yourself wasting hours fiddling with the things on your work desk when you should have been working.

Before you start working, make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary items taking a lot of space on your desk. You should include your phone here because it is usually the most significant source of distraction for a lot of people.

Remember to put it on silent and do not have notifications while working, so you’re not at the beck and call of your phone.

It increases your stress level

When you’re working in a cluttered workspace, you might not notice it, but it’s stressing you out more than you think. The clutter around you is contributing to the level of stress that you may be feeling.

Having all those items around you can make you feel claustrophobic, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Since it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with clutter surrounding you, you’ll also be too overwhelmed to tackle it. But there’s no skipping this step. You have to start one-by-one and get rid of the mess around you.

Having a huge source of stress near your workplace will make you anxious and not as productive as you could be while working.

It slows you down

At Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Service NYC, we are aware of how clutter can slow you down.

Since they’re in your way most of the time, it’s much harder for you to do the work you need to do. You’re using up too much time trying to dig through or clear your work area to look for the things you need.

Besides that, if you ever need anything for your work, it is harder for you to reach for the items you need. The reason that is is that there are too many things in the way. You have to learn to declutter your place and maintain its cleanliness.

If you have to clean your workspace every time you try to settle down and work, that’s time you could have used to devote to actual work.

It can be demotivating

When you are in a chaotic environment, it doesn’t serve as the most motivating place to work.

The state of your environment can reflect your mind’s condition, but your environment can also influence your state of mind. If you don’t respect your workplace, it feels like what you’re doing doesn’t matter, which is demotivating.

You have to treat your workspace like how you want your work to feel. If you’re going to feel motivated when working, you have to create an environment that reflects that.

When you treat your workspace with respect, you will start feeling like a person worthy of that same respect. You’ll start feeling like the work you do matters, and you’ll get more motivation working there.

It hampers your creativity

People often think that creative minds usually have messy desks, but it’s just adding to the obstacles in your way to creating something of worth.

When you have an organized desk, it feels like you have more room to breathe and think. You don’t feel confined, which gives you the feeling of being free to be creative.

If you are in the creative field, don’t feel like you can only thrive when your environment is messy. Even if you’re not in the creative area, you might still need to be creative.

There’s no better place to express your creativity than on a blank canvas, so clear your desk and organize your tools to achieve the same effect.


A cluttered workspace can affect physical and mental well-being. It can distract you from your tasks, which can hurt your productivity.

Now that you know how clutter can hinder your productivity, we hope that you’ll take measures to ensure that mess won’t accumulate in your workspace.


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