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Health and Wellness Websites for a Better Life 26 November, 2020   

Health and wellness lie in the first place on our priority list. Certain people in this world are working hard to improve the quality of life. 

The Internet is a great source of finding ways to improve and treat our health. 

Read on to find a list of great health and wellness websites. 

They will surely help you in learning about good food habits and resources to lead a healthy life.

Best Health and Wellness Websites

Here is a list of the best health and wellness websites. They will help you to shed weight and eat the right food. 

Yoga Journal

We all know performing Yoga is extremely beneficial for both the mind and body. But most of us do not know the right way to do it. Yoga Journal is one of the best places to learn almost everything about Yoga. It has been publishing great content on the web for more than 40 years now. Pictures and videos will help you to understand and practice yoga. You will definitely find informative articles that will leave a huge impact on your life. If you are really fond of Yoga, head over to YJ right now.


Wellness is just not related to the body. One should be physically well as well as mentally. Mindbodygreen is, indeed, one of the best health and wellness websites. It focuses on the overall wellness of a person. You will find many articles that will help you lead a happy and peaceful life.

The website will provide you with enough tools to improve and maintain wellness. The site has various articles covering trending topics. Consider Mindbodygreen your ultimate destination for overall body development.

Fit Bottomed Girls

If you are a fitness-focused person, then this web portal is just for you. Fit Bottomed Girls is a highly inspirational blog. You will find sources that will help you in choosing the right exercise equipment.

 You can read the success stories of various people and get inspired. Fit Bottomed Girls has become more like a community in recent years. You can become a member and stay updated and motivated in your fitness journey.


Well+Good is great if you are searching for a fitness boutique. You can find a variety of places near your locality. However, it is just not limited to that; it has some beneficial articles as well. You could, for example, find articles on getting a better night’s sleep at night. It also has some healthy yet delicious recipes. The Good Advice section of the blog focuses on good mental health and how to maintain it. 

If you are looking for a website that provides great information, Well+Good is just for you.

Toby Amidor Nutrition

This is one of the best fitness websites around. 

Toby Amidor is a nutrition expert with 18 years of experience. 

Her blog includes well-researched and helpful content. 

Reading her blog will help you to achieve good health. She covers various topics in her blog, such as weight loss, food safety, kids, etc. 

The tips mentioned are efficient, and you will not have any difficulty in reading the blog. It is indeed one of your best sources for valuable information.  

The Chalkboard Mag

This is another website that covers a wide variety of topics. Apart from a  compelling website design, there is some helpful content too. It focuses on staying healthy, beautiful, and stylish. You will learn about various things through this blog, such as what beauty products to use and food recipes.

If you have a hard time staying emotionally strong, there are articles to help you achieve great emotional wellness. If you are keen to learn about celebrity fashion and wellness trends, head to The Chalkboard Mag right away.

The NY Times/ Well

You must read it at least once every day. The New York Times health and wellness blog is something everybody will love. It has a lot of useful content. The best part is, there is some information for everyone. The blog has short stories with great details. You can get answers to all your questions. All the articles are well-researched and well-explained. 

You will find it easy to understand. The blog will ultimately help you in achieving the overall wellness of both mind and body. You can even participate in the weekly health quiz that comes up every Friday.

Clean Eating Magazine

Food plays a major part in maintaining our health. Clean Eating Magazine is a blog that explains everything about food. If you are looking for a website that can help you find the ideal diet, follow this blog. You will have a variety of solutions to treat your allergies and diseases. 

The blog has some great diet plans that you can choose from, according to your needs.

Gretchen Rubin

This blog is owned by Gretchen Rubin and explains various ways to pursue happiness. It also shares some really amazing tips to lead a healthy life by adopting healthy habits. The best part of the blog is that it is easy to understand. It can have a huge impact on your life. 

If you are really looking for a website that can change your life, this is the one for you. You can listen to the podcasts or read its books to start your journey to immense happiness.


This is another blog for fitness fanatics. Livestrong is the ultimate website to help you live a fit life. It has some really great content. It will help you make the right decisions regarding exercises and equipment. It is a great website for anyone looking for great tips. With the help of Livestrong, you can definitely lead a healthy and wealthy life.


Our mind goes through a lot of stress every day. We should make a habit of engaging in relaxing activities. Headspace will help you to relax your brain, especially through meditation. Once you download the Headspace app, you are ready to begin your journey to wellness through meditation. 

All the health and wellness websites listed above are absolutely helpful in leading a healthy and peaceful life. It is essential to feel good from both inside out. Your health can affect your daily activities in a big way.

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