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Hair Care Guide in Winters: Ultimate Ideas 10 November, 2020   

In winter, hair needs special care!!

The reason lies in the fact that hair loses moisture from the cold outside, and dry indoor air becomes real stress for curls.  And, the cold weather becomes brutal to your hair!!

Hence, it becomes important to take full care of it. Undeniably, the low humidity in this cold weather weakens the locks and makes the hair more susceptible to hair fall and breakage.  As hats and scarves are then, become the essential part of their wardrobe staple,  s most of you forget to take care of the scalp and hair.

The truth is that your hair demands more care in winters then only washing it with lukewarm water.  Therefore,  it is essential to maintain the hair condition at the required level.

Why does the hair look worse in winter?

With the onset of cold weather, the appearance of the hair changes significantly. They begin to break, fall out, split, grow less, lose volume, become lifeless and dull. Such hair is not at all pleasing to the eye! There can be several reasons for this hair condition:

  • Dry air: The lower the humidity, the drier the hair becomes, especially at the ends. But high humidity is also harmful. The worst-case scenario is a frosty winter after a rainy fall.

  • Cold: Hair follicles are damaged already at a temperature of -2 degrees. In addition, negative temperatures provoke constriction of blood vessels, which in turn leads to a reduction in hair nutrition, slowing down hair growth, and hair loss.

  • Lack of vitamins: In cold weather, there is no such variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as in summer and the lack of vitamins does not in the best way affect the condition of the hair.

  • Protein-energy deficiency: In winter, the body spends a large number of calories for heating, so it is so important to provide sufficient nutrition to the scalp and the entire body as a whole by replenishing the calories.

  • The temperature drops: It's cold outside, but warm inside. Frequent changes in thermoregulation are a big burden for the body.

Features of hair care in the cold season

In winter, hair is weakened and falls out more than in summer. Many girls, guided by prejudices, stop wearing hats so as not to block the access of oxygen to the scalp. Or they start to wash their hair less often, naively believing that fat will protect the curls from frost. But these are all myths. What is reality?

  • Be sure to wear a hat: Enough 5 minutes in the cold and your hair follicles freeze. For them, this is a lot of stress, so the hair begins to fall out more.

  • Wash your hair regularly and preferably with products designed for care in the cold season and appropriate to your hair type. The brands that have such cosmetics are; Estel, Pantene, Avon, Shamtu, Wella and others. To make rinsing easier, brush your hair just before you shower. As in other seasons, curls need to be washed as they become dirty. Especially if you have oily hair. Otherwise, there is a risk of blocking oxygen to the scalp due to the formed film. In order not to dry out your hair, apply shampoo only to the roots, and the ends are washed with the resulting foam, that's enough for them! Co-washing is also a gentle way to wash your hair in cold weather.

  • Monitor your health: Not only external factors can adversely affect hair. Sometimes the hair grows dull and begins to fall out intensively due to disorders in the thyroid gland.

  • Prevent vitamin deficiency: Remember to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, seafood, legumes, eggs, milk, fish, and other high calcium hair growth and strengthening foods in your daily diet. Don't forget about vitamins of groups B, C, A, F, E, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Use heat protectants and special anti-static hair sprays: They form a protective film that is essential at high temperatures.

  • Give up "dangerous" cosmetics: Henna, hair clay, alcohol-based masks - all these are harmful to the health of hair in winter, as it contributes to their drying out.

  • Try mechanical stimulation: Head massage promotes vasodilation. You can also use a long-toothed comb. Gently run it several times over the scalp and you will feel a pleasant warmth.

  • In addition, try to be less nervous, because stress and nerves negatively affect not only the rate of hair loss but also the health of the whole body. If you think that too much hair is falling out and the situation becomes critical, then consult a trichologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist. Experts will help you find out the cause of the loss.

Hair Care Tips for different hair types in cold weather

For Oily hair 

In cold weather, oily hair becomes even more greasy, loses volume, splits. They need proper care.

  • Moisturizing shampoo: This product will help regulate sebum production and therefore prolong the feeling of clean hair.

  • Masks and balms: They are also needed to moisturize the hair and reduce electrical build-up.

  • Cleansers for sensitive skin:. Fat at the roots is often itchy or irritating, so some people use special cleansers for sensitive skin.

What else can help?

  • Try to minimize the use of a hairdryer and iron.

  • Wash your hair with warm water, not hot water, otherwise, the work of the sebaceous glands will increase. At the end of washing, you can rinse your hair with cool water, then the scales will close.

  • Use sulfate-free hair care products, gentle natural cosmetics without parabens and silicones.

  • Get a humidifier.

  • Eat more protein, as it is the building block of hair.

For Dry hair

Dry hair requires just as much attention as oily hair.

  • Use nourishing masks, including those with natural vegetable oils. You can also use coconut oil on your hair, applying it for half an hour, creating a heating effect with a cap.

  • Buy balms, masks, shampoos exclusively for dry hair.

  • Avoid hair dryers, as this is dry air, and will turn hair into straw.

  • Trim your hair twice a year to get rid of split ends.

  • Apply serum to the ends.

  • Avoid hair color ideas

    You can also check how to get rid of dry scalp

For mixed hair

  • Mixed curls are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, with improper care, the roots will quickly become salted, and the tips will remain dry and brittle.

  • As in the case of dry and oily hair types, the mixed type needs moisturizing and nourishment with masks, oils, leave-in conditioners.

  • It is better to choose a shampoo for dry hair, but balm - for oily and porous hair, but do not apply it to the roots. But now there are many products specifically for hair, oily at the roots and dry at the ends.

  • Wash your hair as it gets dirty, do not forget about a scalp massage and minimal use of a hairdryer and curling iron.

For normal hair

  • Owners of such hair are the most fortunate because they are usually sufficiently moisturized and have approximately the same thickness. Your task is not only to preserve this beauty but also to enhance it.

  • Wash your hair as it gets dirty with room temperature water 2-3 times a week, or less as it gets dirty.

  • Use cosmetics specifically for normal hair type, otherwise there may be problems with oily or, conversely, dry scalp. After the shower, let your hair dry and only then start brushing it.

  • Do not forget about moisturizing, do masks at least once a week, do not neglect thermal protection, and minimize the use of a hairdryer.

What to do to prevent your hair from electrifying

Pay attention to the comb. Combs made of metal or plastic create the effect of electricity, while those made from natural materials, such as wood or ceramic, minimize it.

  • Whichever type of hair you have, reduce the use of hairdryers and curls. And if it's difficult to refuse, then choose a hairdryer with an ionization effect and curling irons with a special protective coating. Don't forget about styling products with thermal protection.

  • Use antistatic agents: Many companies have special products for winter hair care with an antistatic effect. You can also apply a few drops of lavender or rose oil evenly to your hair. These are natural antistatic agents that make hair soft and manageable.

  • Pay special attention to moisturizing not only from the outside with a variety of masks but also from the inside - drink more water.  You can spray your hair with mineral water several times a day and purchase a humidifier. But do not appear on the street with wet strands, otherwise, the moisture inside the hair will freeze and then it can be easily injured.

  • Rinse your curls with cool water after shampooing. Then the hair will be less electrified.

Concluding Remarks

Properly selected care, taking into account the characteristics of your hair, will not only preserve the beauty of the curls but also allow you to grow your hair. 

Stay beautiful despite the cold weather as winter is a fun season. We hope our tips will help you keep your hair healthy and shiny, even during the cold season!

If there are some queries or suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for sparing time in reading!!

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