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Grab Your Chance to Be Fit During This Pandemic Covid-19 25 May, 2020   

Coronavirus was introduced in last December 2019 from the city of China (Wuhan) and three months later it became a global pandemic infecting over 5 million while killing 0.3 million people. Because of this sudden spread of infection world health organization (WHO) has advised people to quarantine themselves and take preventive measures so that this pandemic Covid-19 could successfully be controlled. However, reports suggest that initiating a rapid quarantine state is creating a drastic change in the behaviour of the public. This change in public is showing negative psychological symptoms as boredom, frustrations, fear of infection, financial loss, stigma, confusion, and anger. So, to cope with these symptoms where schools, colleges, gyms, parks, restaurants and businesses are shuttered down. It’s advised for everyone to maintain the schedule of healthy exercise while staying at home.

Regular exercise is not only important for the healthy immune system but it can also help you in preventing weight gain; maintain blood sugar and insulin; reduce heart diseases; and keeping you as safe as possible during this daunting worldwide pandemic. Now is the time to take control of your health especially during the period when the environment is feeling a bit out of grasp. According to the new guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO) the least amount of exercise or physical activity to maintain health and fitness, the people of age group between 18 and 64 years should engage in weekly training of at least 150 min of moderate-intensity physical activity.

Indoor activities

In case if you do not have exercise equipment in your home, or particular material to work with then there are still several ways to keep you fit, healthy as well as protected.

Internet, online streaming platforms and mobile apps are a perfect way to keep moving if you cannot get to the gym in these days. Understanding which ones are worth the time though can be a little challenging.

Campus Recreational/Intramural Coordinator Sterling Ivany recommends to start one`s day with a couple of glasses of water and 30 push-ups. According to Sterling, a glass of water can keep you hydrated; whereas, Push-ups provide great support to be an active person during the whole day. In last, he suggests watching a comedy show because laughter is the best remedy to all worries.

Suggested Workouts during Covid-19


High-intensity interval training (HIIT), is the perfect exercise for any individual who wants to make the best out of the least amount of time. During a HIIT workout, you do as many jumping jacks as possible in 60 seconds, then take 30 seconds to break before moving on to next series of push-ups and squats.

The recent results show that HIIT is fun and has strong unmonitored response levels among overweight and obese adults. The HIIT workout plans are easily accessible through Aaptive app and YouTube.


There is the number of yoga styles out there probably waiting for you, based on your skill sets and needs. If you are searching for gentle stretches then you should seek a cool, relaxing form like Hatha or Yin. Try a power yoga class, if you’re looking for something a little more extreme. Many practitioners in yoga use accessories like straps and blocks but you don’t need them. A substitute such as the roll of paper towels for a yoga block would be great if you are looking for some extra lift during poses.

As far as equipment is concerned, that is fantastic if you have a yoga mat. But if you do not have that one. I think a carpet is always gentle and comfortable enough for at-home meditation, but for yet more smoothness you might put down a towel.

There are a couple of websites and YouTube videos available on the internet which can teach you the different styles and sequences of yoga. Madfit is one of the most familiar names among YouTube channels where you can learn yoga.

Jump Rope

 “Jump rope,” is a fitness tool used in skipping/jumping rope sports, where one or more players leap over a rope swing to pass under their feet and over their heads. This fitness routine idea was first given at New York Health and Racquet Club by Cheyne Zeller, C.P.T., a New York-based strength and conditioning coach so that public could enhance coordination of body and sweat off the pounds. Jump rope can prove beneficial for all age group especially for kids who just curl up on the couch and binge-watch Netflix.

One-arm rows

For one-arm row exercise, you need to curve your upper body at around 45 degrees while keeping one hand on a bench to support a bodyweight of yours. Keep your back flat and head properly arranged with your spine. Pull the dumbbell up to your side. Keeping your arm close to your body as you pull back your elbow, squeeze your shoulder blade before extending your arm back to the starting position. For better understanding, you can use YouTube videos as well

Some major steps to keep on track

1. Be Realistic

Set your goals as simple as possible so that when you achieve your objective, it can keep your motivation intact. Otherwise, trying to tackle too much at once is like preparing yourself up for injuries.

2. Consult professional

Just in case, if you are having a tough time accessing your current fitness level or confused to set a nice goal for yourself. Then consulting a professional fitness trainer will not be a bad idea at all. A professional can help you design your markers along the way. There are many fitness trainers available on different websites whom you can contact by internet.

3. Find your motivation

When you think of your objectives and plans, you should perhaps think about those friends and family members who could motivate and encourage you in your hard time. Then, recruit them if you need assistance and support, this will make your workout a fun activity.

4. Keep changing your workout plan

Doing the same schedule is rarely a positive idea when it comes to your health. For one, keeping the same routine will not help your body to get stronger muscles because body muscle is used to routine training. Changing a workout plane will also keep you away from boredom.


Fitness exercise is an enjoyable task until you want. Do not let people demotivate you in this haunting coronavirus. Believe in yourself so that you can achieve what you want; the peace of mind and a healthy body to fight against Covid-19.  

fit keep you fit

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