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Getting Into Your Dream College – Are Academics All That Matter? 06 November, 2020   

Students all around the world, from a very young age, are made to believe that academics are everything, that their marks are what will take them ahead. So many students, to this day, compare themselves with their classmates who score better than them, actually feeling like they are lagging behind in life. As a result, they end up giving all of themselves to their studies and avoiding their hobbies, and other activities that they actually love.

Marks are important, sure. But are academics the only thing that can help you get your dream college? Do colleges only look for scores and nothing else? The answer is no. Colleges look for students who, apart from getting a degree from the college, can offer something to the college too. They look for students that can add value to their image, and resumes with just A’s don’t do that.

Your dream college is not any different. So, for getting yourself a seat in their list, you need a strong profile building. Even employers seek out students who have ventured fields outside their books. This is because book knowledge does not actually give you an experience in the outer world. The activities you participate in, the initiatives you take and the opinions you put forward say a lot about who you are as a person, and how you will work in a certain environment.

Your profile is what makes you, you. Some of the most important points you need to take care of building your profile before applying to your dream college are listed below.


B   Be confident in yourself – Be visible

One of the most important things that make a student more desirable to a college is confidence, and the best way to build confidence, is to participate in more and more activities that make you come out of your comfort zone. Try student clubs, organise or host events, participate in competitions and let your talent show. This may make you feel a little vulnerable at first, but you will soon realise that you’re gradually becoming more and more visible. You will receive validation, appreciation and criticism, and all of them, when accepted and analysed whole heartedly, will help you make yourself better. This is why, working on yourself, growing and knowing what you are good at is the first step towards your dream college.


2.  Figure out what makes you unique

Another really important step is to know your selling point. You should to be able to tell the admission committee about what you have that others don’t. Cite examples of real life incidents that can tell them who you are as a person and what you have to contribute. Prepare a SWOT analysis and take your time to figure out the best possible ways to highlight your strengths.


3.  Certificate programs

Certifications and courses in various fields that can grow your knowledge are a good way to validate your strengths. These can be subjects related to what you are about to study, or something completely different. Everything new that you learn shapes your opinions and ideas, and someone with a good knowledge of different fields can look at things from a better stand, and form views accordingly. These programs not only represent your thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm, but also help you know more and more about the different aspects of life, how they function and how they are related to each other.


4.  Connect with Alumni

Getting in touch with students who have graduated in your dream college has a number of benefits. Applicants can talk to the alumni and know their story of getting into the college, what life actually was in the college and tips on how to present themselves before the committee. This will help you get prepared and know if the college actually offers what you desire and if you are prepared for it. They may have some important insights on what the college may be looking for and how you can get the edge.


5.  Show your goodwill

Working for an NGO or volunteering in their programmes boost up your profile quite a bit. They justify your desire to bring change and help the society to grow. Make sure that you don’t just join the NGO for the sake of joining but actually contribute to their objectives. This will further enhance and justify your statement of purpose and state that you really care.


6.  Work on your resume

Your resume is one of the first things that the admission committee gets to look at. It is your responsibility to make sure that it catches their eye. Mention everything stated above and more in a precise manner, providing quantitative data wherever possible. You also need to keep in mind that you don’t have to state everything in detail, mention things that would encourage them to ask more questions so that they get to know you and your work better.


You can’t really get through life with only good grades thus, a grip over some of the finest profile building courses is utterly important. Whether you have work experience or are still a student, you need a good profile to get into a college. Your profile should prove your leadership skills, your value, what you are capable of contributing to the college and more. A mix of better than average scores, relevant personal skills and participation in extra-curricular activities can get you into the college of your choice with ease. You need to know how to present yourself, how to sell yourself and for that, all you need to do is believe in yourself and know what you are worth. Nobody wants factory made robots, show them your growth, achievements and what you have to offer to them.

Acadru is the best place to hold on with a multi-disciplinary learning process and add to your skill sets in the most non-contemporary manner. Get to trail through and learn the worthy implementation of what matters the most within the best reach, right here and get into your dream college, today!

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