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Future of Sports 24 May, 2020   

Since days Sports and Entertainment have been an Integral Part of  Society. Whether it is Soccer, Cricket,Hockey. sadly even the Tokyo Olympics had to postponed. Due to the COVID Crisis It has hampered billions of revenues for majority of the sporting events. IPL (Indian Premier League ) which has been Entertaining the Audience Globally Since 2008 for the first time ,has  to Postponed Indefinitely. Since the halt of the sporting events it has caused damage to the Broadcasters as well,the majority of the sports channels today have left with no option to re telecast the  old sporting events since there is no live streaming. 

WWE( World Wrestling Entertainment) went closed door even for its Block Buster Special Wrestlemania 36.but it was always the spectators who fill energy to the Sporting events across the globe, it is unimaginable to think of Cricket Match in Empty stadium of Melbourne Cricket Ground or the Premier League Football in Wimbledon  Stadium, this year even disappointed the Tennis Fans as there was no Wimbledon. However Tennis can continue with  closed doors as they can be played inside even a few of the Sports like Badminton, Table Tennis can be played inside the closed doors shortly. The Bothersome issue in the future can be also revenue the sports Industry had generated due to its events may be with the Advertisements, Telecasting,Sponsorship.

The Big Sportsmen like Cricketers, International Footballers,Golfers can able to sustain this crisis but the rest of the other sportsman like National level Athletes,Archers find it a difficult time due to the economic issues.Respective Sports Authority and Ministries  should take care and ensure  that Proper facilities and economic support should be given to these athletes and more importantly it should not effect their training regimen. may be in the future spectators could be allowed with the limited gathering with the importance for social distancing  and safety would be the Prime concern , slowly and steadily the sporting events may get back to the action.

No doubt the Present COVID 19 Crisis indeed can change the dynamics of the Sports, but sports here to stay and will continue to regain its glory with few modifications and bringing back the life into many of the sports Personalities around the globe 

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