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Fun must be their in life, but life must not be fun! 29 April, 2020   

Life is all about a roller coaster ride!!!Everything in life surely do happens for a reason.We come up with number of positive things as well as negative things.Every moment of life gives us a chance to overcome our past and live the life in present by correcting our past mistakes.Every minute is a new learning.Life is a very big GAME where we are just the players and their is a supreme power which rules all of us.Nothing in our life happens without his wish.

Our own parents keep on explaining us about their childhood and their childhood mistakes so that we do not commit those mistakes in our life.But truth is-the younger ones need to understand. But we can never force the younger ones to follow the path as you wish them to follow because that is going to be very difficult for them to do it.So, do not force or burden them in any kind of way… Let them try to understand the aspect of life..purpose..meaning..and the core values of manners, which is always going to be with them.

Life is too short to lead and love for it.Therefore have a proper plan and start making notes which and all you want to do in your life…Even the noted points may be simple ones but have a note of it and achieve them,which makes you feel happy.Nobody knows how much long we are going to be alive so spend the way of life as you wish to live and lead it but most important thing to remember is;respecting parents/elders,staying always positively in life,greeting everyone with smile,helping the needy and never expecting anything in return.These are few of the keys to be happiest of all.


This is one of the most current problem due to ongoing mental traffic jam.Everyone are so busy around us spending too much time on their past and its related worries whereas;never taking it in positive way as a best lesson we learnt. Everyone are busy in this world thinking continuously on one or the other factor.Our mind is busy but no idea how many of them seriously consider those dreams as a part of their happiness and tries to achieve them!! Everyone are stressed out and overloaded with burden of things on their head and do not find peace within their mind and heart.Now a days people around us even including our parents are so busy with the machine life that;we do not spend quality of family time and exchange our thoughts and dreams.It has become very difficult for everyone.It is our duty to make proper time for every small thing in our life.Only achieving our happiness is not enough in life.We should make sure that we are making our surrounding environment also happy and healthy.

What are the factors the word ‘WORRY” do for us: 1.lack of sleep 2.not proper intake of food 3.creates phobia within us. Therefore,let us try to follow few of the following rules to overcome them and lead a peaceful life with no worries. 1…Manage your daily routine 2…Be early bed 3…Sleep well 4..Do exercise/yoga/meditation(for few minutes to keep your brain active and positive throughout the day) 5…Share/talk to your close ones(i.e;open up,so that you feel better).Researches have proved that-talking to the people makes human stay happy for longer period and keeps positive.Share what you did,how you spent your day. 6…IMPORTANT-If you think over a worry,then-you should be very clear about its solution.That is;it has a solution or not.If you do not have a solution for it,then better to stop worrying else think over the solution. 7…Have a mindset to accept the hardships of life.

TWO: NOT FOLLOWING THE PASSION If we look around,we see different kinds of people. Few are too much focused, few are never focused or caring about their future nor much worried to think over about life and rest are moderate. The people who are focused are the one: 1.Who do not sit back and gossip 2.They do not distract themselves from other things in the world 3.They do not seek validation from others 4.They do not give you silly reasons on the work 5.Do not act rashly 6.They do not dwell in the past 7.Do not compare themselves with others 8.Do not say “YES” to everything before thinking over it 9.Most importantly;They do not “QUIT”

Below are the few key highlights which enables you to keep focused towards your passion: 1.ENERGY It is one of the root key element for your body,without which the body cannot be focused.As the supply of energy goes low,your focus starts fading slowly.Few people consider this fundamental necessity as granted and never think to look back about it.As your brain works the food which is processed in the form of energy is being completely used and again it is needed to be filled back.Else all the stored energy is being used at a time and there are chances to get bed sick too.So,please take care of your health and improve your metabolism activity which gets you a positive emotion.

2.EMOTION It is one of the vital concept in life for everyone.It plays among friends,family and even in work place.It will misused sometimes and sometimes treated like a pride.But,on a honest note;do not play with anyone.It will become very difficult later to understand the aspect.Therefore,it is very necessary to balance your emotions in all around the fields and become a well-verse player in life.Everyone are not happy in their life.The thing is;we start expecting more things in life that is where we start comparing ourselves with others and enter into emotional state.

3.ENGAGEMENT It is one of the major aspect of life,which needs honesty and dedication towards all the aspects in day-to-day life.It is a bigger word,which always needs to be motivated.Motivation and involvement both are equally important for the engagement.That is considered as “sweet spot” and it includes three edges like;what to love to do,what are you good at doing,and what advances the mission of group/what someone will pay to you.

4.STRUCTURE Such a beautiful and simple word but magnificent when it is used creatively and wisely.It is very much necessary to plan your day to day activities and shape your day-to-day activities in a perfect manner.Structure must be structured in a well mannered like;what hours you feel to study,what time you want to take break,what priorities you set up and much more.Without having a clear structure we can never do any work in a proper way.

THREE:STOP COMPARING ONESELF WITH OTHERS “Comparison is the thief of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt

If you’re not sure, try this question: Who have you compared yourself to in the last 24 hours?If you’re still not sure, think of the last time you checked your Facebook or Instagram feed. Which updates made you feel envious, or made you feel as if your life paled in comparison? In turn, did any posts make you feel smug, or better than that person?

The comparison game—or war—is as old as humanity.

Everyone is born unique and are blessed with tremendous hidden talents.If your talented in drawing and the other is good in singing.It does not mean your weak and the next person is strong.Both stands equal in such an aspect of life.God has choose us to be human for some reason and do not make him feel bad.He can never go wrong.Every individual born is unique and unique in their own special way.Respect the way they are and please do not compare anyone with anyone or oneself with others.

It is endless to write about the life lessons.Everyone have their own way of living the life but just try to have a well structured plan to deal with life.Plan well.Live happily.TIME is a precious weapon so utilize it and make every moment of life memorable.Be interested every minute is a new learning!!

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