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FRIENDSHIP 04 June, 2020   

Friendship? I think friendship is a very beautiful relation between people. It binds strangers into family-like relations. Friendships sometimes do not last long. Everyone takes the opportunity of the moment. As time passes the bond, the relation, the love starts to break up people's taste changes because their interest changes, so they fall out of friendship easily. The strange fact is that it doesn't matter how long the friendship remained. Some friendships changes according to circumstances, some people take advantage of each other, such people may not spend too much time together and they too fall out of friendship quickly. Only the friendship of those who are good and similar in their goodness is perfect. Friendship of this kind is permanent because in it are united all the attributes that friend ought to have. For these people, each alike wish good for the other, and they are good in themselves. And it is those who desire good of their friendships for the friend's sake are the truest friends because each loves the other for what he is, and not for any incidental quality.

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