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Free Online Courses to Improve English Writing Skills 22 October, 2020   

The English language is spoken in over 50 countries all over the world, and it is commonly used in business, academic and social settings. If you are a global citizen, you need to be fluent in English and there are so many free online courses you can take online. 

You can access these courses on devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets on the go as long as you’re connected to the internet. This article provided by Lauren Bradshaw, an academic writer from (a professional essay writing service), will highlight a few English courses you can take to improve your writing skills as well as the advantages of free courses.

Types of English Online Courses

Of course, you know that all people are different, and we all follow different ways to study. The variety of learning programs let us choose just the one that suits us.

Moreover, the XXI century has given us a variety of ways to get what we need - we can learn from different corners of the world via the Internet as well as choose from the variety of directions in the needed field. 


Let’s have a look at the types of English online courses you may face these days:

  1. General English courses. This is the category that many people choose when they want to learn English. These are courses you can take if you want to be comfortable speaking English in many situations like socializing or conversations. If you want to polish up your speaking, writing, and listening skills, they are not many courses better than this one. 
  2. Professional and business English courses. These are courses you should take if you want to be comfortable speaking to your work colleagues, management, board members, partners, and more. This course will do wonders for your career progression too. If you have aspirations to be the best in your career field, this is a wonderful course to take. 
  3. English for careers and work. This course is perfect for young people finding their way in life and wants to stand out at their workplace. This course mainly focuses on ensuring you’re developing your professional and language skills to help you be the best you can be.
  4. Virtual IELTS. This is a course for people that are carted to people whose English isn’t their mother tongue. Passing this course opens the door to a wide range of opportunities like studying courses abroad and even work. Overall, this course is available for anyone who is preparing for college or university in an English-speaking country.
  5. Legal courses. The legal field is one of the most important in the world. Lawyers are needed all over the world to defend people in the court of law. If this is a profession you’re passionate about, this course will be of interest to you.

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Benefits of Studying Free Online English Courses

At times, we face a large number of offers to get access to free courses online. Well, most people think that it will be a waste of time as ‘free cheese is only in a mousetrap’. But, look at it from the other angle. You have a chance to get some new information free of charge, you do not have to spend time to visit offline classes, and what is more important, we think, you have a great chance to become acquainted with the school and their programs and make sure if they are what you really need and want. Isn’t it perfect? 


Well, below, we have mentioned the most important reasons why free online courses 100% deserve your attention and time.


  1. Study at your speed. When you enroll in an online course, you can control your learning experience. You can select a course that caters to your needs and unlike traditional classroom sessions, you can study around your commitments. With online lessons, you can go back to them when you need to without being held up by anyone.
  2. You can focus on a key area you need. If you are struggling with speaking, writing, grammar, or vocabulary, you can focus on a specific area. There is no need for you to focus on areas you’re already good at. Those can be skipped in favor of ironing out areas you’re not wonderful at.
  3. Free English courses save you money. Some online English courses offer you value for your buck when compared to those taught in the classroom. If you look closely at some top colleges in the world, they charge a fortune on assessment fees, material fees as well as enrollment fees. With free online English courses, there is no need for you to pay anything and everything can be learned via a PC. This way, you do not waste money, but you get a lot of other benefits like new contacts, new information, new sights, etc. 
  4. Life becomes simpler. Since everything is done online from the study materials, tests, and so on, there’s no need for you to buy textbooks or lose notes. Everything you need including your progress is all saved online and can be checked from any device that’s connected to the internet. With a tracking system, you will be able to know which areas need improvement and have materials delivered to you designed to help you improve in that area. This saves you time and makes you remember things a lot quicker. 
  5. You can achieve your goals. Learning English on your computer, smartphone or tablet is much for fun and helps you achieve your goals quicker. You can learn while you’re in your bed or even on the sofa or kitchen. As practice has shown, while the pandemic, it was the best way to NOT lose the knowledge you have as well as get the new one. Well, isn’t it a perfect idea to get up even in five minutes before a class, or never worry about the time, and study when it is comfortable for you?
  6. You meet people in the same situation as yours. Not being with friends in a class can be emotionally draining for some people because humans have always been social creatures. Isolation is something we don’t like and while learning online can be economical, it will never take the place of face to face interaction with people. 


Taking free online English courses in a group mean you can meet new people who are in the same situation as you, who are sitting home to improve their English. There’s no need for you all to be in a classroom physically together, but you can bond with each other and possibly meet in person in the future. 


Overall, if you don’t have time to learn English in a classroom setting, this is the best way to learn. Free online English courses allow you to manage your learning schedule and learn at your own pace. You can pick the courses that are of interest to you and focus on them fully until you see improvement in your language skills. 


Good English can take you places both in your personal life and your professional life. It can be a very tricky language to learn for people who speak other languages but with commitment, effort, and desire, one can become fluent with online courses.


Stay assured that any chance you get in your life can become crucial - so, do not waste them! Let the Universe helps you get what you need. If this particular course is NOT going to cost you anything, why not try it? It is better to get to the conclusion that it was not interesting or useful than to live with such doubts in your mind that you might have missed something worthy.

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