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Free And Fantastic Mechanical Engineering Books 13 December, 2020   

Books have been the gateway to knowledge for centuries now. Since they were first published in the 15th century, books have always provided ordinary people with experience, information, and awareness about the whole world.

Books have played an essential part in the course of human history. We cannot imagine our life without books, can we? Books have contributed towards humanity's progress for centuries and will continue to do so in the coming years.

With the advent of technology and science in the 21st century, we now have e-books and online reading websites containing all the information we need. Books have not lost their importance, and people all over the world continue to read books regularly

No matter which field you are studying in, you will surely have a couple of books to carry in your bag. If you are pursuing a mechanical engineer career, then there are lots of mechanical engineering books that will help you know about your subject.

Mechanical engineering is a vast field of study, and there are lots of different things to know about. From robotics to complex mechanisms, you will need to gather knowledge from different areas of this field. So, to do that you will have to get hold of the best books.

In this article, we have listed some of the best mechanical books that will surely help you achieve a lot of information and knowledge about your subject. These books are readily available, and you can surely purchase and read them to be successful in your career.

The best mechanical engineering books you need

When you are searching for the best mechanical books, you will have a wide variety of options. Different writers have their own published books, which bring you the various aspects of mechanical engineering.

So it becomes tricky to choose the right set of books. To make your task more comfortable, we have listed a few books you will need to purchase to get the best quality reading material. Have a look at them!

  • Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design

Written by Richard G Budynas and J Keith Nisbett, the 40th edition of Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design brings you the best possible approach towards the concept of standard in machine design. The publisher of this book is McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

The book combines different information that has been focused on new designs and applications in mechanical engineering. This book also contains a brand new case study that has been based on the complexities involved in the production of power transmission.

The 2018 edition also contains a new chapter called Finite Elements. The book has advanced resources like FE Exam problems, machine design tutorials, MATLAB simulations, and PPTs of prominent figures that will help you practice and prepare yourself better. Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design is one of the most useful books that you can get.

  • Basic Mechanical Engineering

If you are looking for an essential guide to your mechanical engineering career, you should look at this book. This book contains vital information and details about a myriad of topics related to basic mechanical engineering concepts and are a prerequisite to the undergraduates who are pursuing this course.

The book has divided into three different parts, and these are - Thermal Engineering (Part I), Mechanics and Machines (Part II), and Manufacturing Science (Part III). The writer, Pravin Kumar, has emphasized logic and physics-based on critical problems that help develop and enhance analytical skills. The book is one of the most affordable in understanding.

  • Machinery’s Handbook

The Machinery’s Handbook has been around for a long time now, and it has been considered one of the best mechanical engineering books ever published. It is a sophisticated and informative resource for those who want to strengthen their knowledge about various topics in mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineers, designers, drafters, and even toolmakers can find different chapters related to their subjects. It covers a wide variety of a topic that is essential for every student to know.

From advanced concepts to simple mechanisms, you will find everything within the pages of this book. It covers areas like material properties, manufacturing processes, mechanical systems, machine elements, and much more. One of the best sellers in mechanical engineering, Machinery’s Handbook is worth the money you spend on it.

  • Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

If you are a mechanical engineering student, then you know how vital Thermodynamics is. It is one of the most crucial aspects of this field. So if you are looking for a book that will present you with ample knowledge about the plethora of topics present in it, then the “Fundamentals of Thermodynamics” written by Claus Borgnakke and Richard E. Sonntag is the best option.

Undoubtedly one of the best mechanical engineering books ever written on Thermodynamics is worth every penny you spend on it. It has informative text which is rich in a myriad of information related to this field.

It is a comprehensive guide to Thermodynamics that is easy to read because of the simple and easy language and different illustrations. You can easily find this book on the various online shopping websites which sell books.

  • Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is now an important and essential branch of mechanical engineering. It mainly deals with the forces and flows in the different fluids and how they can impact various aspects of engineering. So if you want to increase your knowledge in this field of study, you will need a versatile book with everything about it from basics to advanced concepts.

“Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics” is the book you would want to purchase written by Theodore H. Okiishi, Donald F. Young, and Bruce R. Munson.

In this book, each concept has been first described clearly to make it easier for readers to understand the text easily. Different problem-solving chapters are also included for better confidence. Many students and professors consider this as one of the best engineering books ever written to cover the branch of Fluid Mechanics.

  • Manufacturing Engineering & Technology

Manufacturing engineering is becoming increasingly important, and the technology required to develop it is also progressing thoroughly. This book written by Serope Kalpakjian and Steven R. Schmid is a brilliant resource that will help you get the best knowledge about this stream. 

The book contains quality descriptions, an informative summary, and various advanced information about different manufacturing systems and technology. It also shows readers how these systems can be impactful and essential.

You will also come across 120 examples of case studies, research materials, queries answered, and illustrations of different concepts, making it easier for you to read and learn. 

Here are some of the best books that you can choose to buy if you want to keep a good record in your career as a mechanical engineer. All the books contain immense knowledge and information that will help you, in the long run, to not only score well but also to make yourself a knowledge tank.

Final Verdict

If you have read the article, you are now aware of some of the best mechanical engineering books available in the market. These books are made available to the students to prepare them familiar with different mechanical engineering concepts, subjects, and various other topics essential for an engineer of this field to know and work on.

Most of the books are affordable, and it will surely be worth your money because the knowledge you gain is priceless!

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