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Four Best High Paying Careers For Introverts 05 August, 2021   

Do you require a tranquil setting to concentrate and prefer to write rather than talk? Does being around a lot of people, even those you have a fondness for, void you of energy? Are you perceptive and drawn to occupations that involve independence? If yes, then it stands to reason that you would be highly interested in pursuing the careers that will be proposed shortly.

It is unquestionable that introverts frequently get told to be more outgoing and exuberant to have a prosperous future. Nevertheless, you need not worry, one does not have to be extroverted to be successful in a job. In fact, introverts who pursue careers that require interaction and pontification find themselves discontented and exhausted after few years. That being the case, you must be ever mindful when opting for a career. Without any further delay, following are the careers that encompass minimum social interactions and demand skills that introverts are naturally proficient at – listening, focusing, visualizing, and creating.



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Why is it fitting for introverts?

Creativity calls for imagination whereas imagination originates from profound introspection. While extroverts are efficient at prompting and inspiring others, introverts possess the potential to create astounding ideas and inventions. Detached from the external world, introverts tend to constructively use artistic means to express their overflowing inner universe through their work. Therefore, introverts can not only make a living out of this career but also gain hearted satisfaction.

Occupations and salaries:

The vibrant fields of arts and design provide a wide scope of career opportunities that are continuously expanding. These include Visual Communications, Art Directors, Multimedia Design and Development, Interior Designer, Industrial Designer, Fashion designer, Graphic Designer, and the list goes on.  According to U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, in May 2019 the median annual salary for this field was $48,130. The following were individual mean salaries of each occupation. 


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How are they relevant to introverts?

The reason that makes this one of the best career options for introverts is the fact that the majority of the tasks here are done on a computer. Introverts tend to spend a fair amount of time on computers to charge their batteries after having socialized; hence, you can make a living by acquiring skills in this field without leaving your comfort zone.

Types of tech Jobs and their scope:

The top growing job in this field with a median salary of $146,085 is that of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineer. AI engineers devise and maintain AI models by means of various programming algorithms. Next up, you can opt to be a web developer who launches websites with comprehensive knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript and HTML or a Mobile application developer who develops software for mobile apps or specializes in improving or debugging mobile apps.

You can also select Security Analyst as a career in which you’d have to keep secure organization’s sensitive information by regulating the security system of the company.

The demand for data scientists is rapidly up surging as organizations place heavy reliance on decision making from these data analytics. That is because these scientists take cognizance of substantial amounts of data to assist business objectives. The tasks of data scientists are often confused with those of statisticians. While the field of data scientists is multidisciplinary, statisticians are needed to conduct polls, surveys, and experiments to gather and analyze data. Statisticians play a pivotal role in many industries ranging from businesses to politics to marketing organizations.

It is an incontrovertible fact that present-day civilizations would crumble without technology, making it an ideal career to pursue especially for introverts. Moreover, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics information technology is expected to have a 12 percent projected growth rate till 2028. Following are the average salaries of a few of the tech jobs mentioned above.


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Introverts tend to avoid being the dominant ones in conversations and allow others to speak while they heedfully listen. This characteristic of theirs makes them perfect psychologists and therapists because they're able to offer critically analyzed advice.

To be a psychiatrist you need a medical degree, residency, and a specialization in psychiatry and then you’d be able to treat people with mental health issues by conversating and prescribing medication and earn a salary of around $220,380.

People mostly find it confusing to differentiate between Psychiatrists and psychologists. Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists don’t prescribe medicines and are not medical doctors. Psychologists have supervised experience additional to 6 years of university training.

The highest median salary is for those psychologists that are self-employed in privately owned businesses. These psychologists assist in increasing productivity by application of psychological principles.

Other psychology fields include Forensic Psychology which is a blend of law and psychology. Educational psychologists analyze and identify educational and behavioral hindrances in children’s learning. Sport Psychologists use their expertise in psychology to motivate athletes and work on their well-being to ensure optimal performance.

The Median pay of psychologists in 2019 was $80,370.

  • Career as a Writer:

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Introverts are innate writers than speakers. Contrary to popular assumption, a writing career is not just circumscribed to novelists. Technical Writers, Magazine Writers, Editors, Bloggers, News Reporters, and Social Media Manager - all these fields call for the skill of capturing the reader’s attention through carefully chosen words.

Technical writers simplify complex information and present it through documentation, instruction manuals, and FAQs. Their median wage was $74,650 in May 2020 with projected growth of 7% in employment from2019 to 2029.

Magazine writers engage the readers through stories that can belong to any niche! Next, skills of digging into details and planning narrative can be utilized be pursuing a career as a News reporter. Lastly, in contemporary times, many people are leading successful lives as social media managers. Marketing through social media, managing the accounts, writing appealing captions, tweets –permeating the content with creativity is what social media managers do.

The most outstanding feature pertaining to any of these careers is that they involve working from home, making them ideal for introverts as home is where they come up with their best ideas!

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