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Fantastic Cyber Security Tools You Should Know As A Beginner 21 January, 2020   

A Cyber Security profession is so much in demand right now and is considered to be one of the IT industry's most-discussed topics. With the advent of technology and the increasing number of people interested in the internet, it has become a phenomenon and a necessity to save the company from cyber threats.

Most companies and governments retain vast amounts of data on their computer systems and then move this data to other companies ' computers. Devices and their underlying systems are vulnerable to exposing the company's personal information when abused.

Cybersecurity is therefore typically a collection of different tools, strategies to mitigate or control the threats, and effective ways to protect networks, devices, services, and personal data of an enterprise from various attacks.

As a beginner, you will have to go through a thorough learning phase. You can enroll yourself in an online training program to keep yourself focused. You must stay consistent in the process and try to learn as much as you can. Start from the basics and move forward to the advanced level.

Cybersecurity Tools

Below is the list of tools that you should be aware of-

1). NMap

Its job is to map attack-prone areas and tracking host servers to detect vulnerabilities by searching across systems and networks.

2). Mimecast

It is a cloud-based application that protects your email and provides you cyber resilience. It helps to prevent threats, identity protection, web security, etc. with email security.

3). Wireshark

This supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, etc. It's got a three-pane packet browser. It can be captured live and examined offline.

4). Norton Security

They provide various security solutions such as anti-virus, removal of any kind of virus, malware protection, backing up cloud, and stable virtual private network.

5). Center for Internet Security

CIS provides various tools and programs for cybersecurity. It also provides SecureSuite for commercial use. The CIS Security Suite provides CIS and CIS Benchmarks monitor.

6). Nessus

Assessment of network limitations for quick and accurate testing of vulnerabilities. It is an incredibly user-friendly tool.

7). Webroot

It's a cloud-based platform. PCs, Mac computers, and mobile devices can be protected. It provides a solution for home use, home offices, businesses, and partners. It supports platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

8). Metasploit

To detect vulnerabilities, analyze security and build defense strategies.

9). GNU PG 

This tool used to encrypt files and e-mails. Usually, this type of encryption will provide immense data-level security. It works in accordance with the standards of OpenPGP. 

10). Burp Suite

To verify web-based application security and bring various security tests such as mapping. 

11). Snort 

It is an IDS/IPS open-source network that performs more comprehensive network traffic detection and analysis than a typical firewall. Both of these softwares are popular for assessing the traffic and comparison of the packet to previous or documented attack profiles database.

12). Silversky 

It is also a cloud-based tool that helps to monitor the emails, providing network security, and making the systems work well with HIPAA and PCI.  

Will you be expected to have any skills? Have a look...

 Now that you have put one step forward to begin your career as a cybersecurity professional, have a look at some of the soft skills that will be expected from you-

  1. Communication and Interpersonal skills: For being able to communicate with the team members and deliver your message to them, it is essential that you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. Leadership Qualities: You are supposed to show leadership through integrity, responsiveness, and ethics. As already mentioned, you are required to have good communication skills and the ability to communicate with the senior team and colleagues. An important skill is to consider the internal and external risks of the organization.
  3. Creative thinker: As a cybersecurity expert, you will have to think like a hacker or "Black Hat" and discover the threats in advance.
  4. Project Management: To prevent, identify and respond to cyberattacks, you will need comprehensive security solutions. You will also need to understand the requirements and communicate it to other team members, so being able to manage a project is important for you.
  5. Consistency: As a Cybersecurity professional, you must be vigilant with an ever-changing landscape of danger, but they must also manage very difficult jobs to start with.

As a beginner, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first try to get into a new field. however, with an adequate amount of research and information present over the internet, it will be a matter of only some time. Your only concern should be to focus on learning and practice as much as you can. Practicing is really essential if you want to be perfect at these tools.

Whatever you do, make sure to give at least 3-4 hours a day to learn and revise concepts. In the end, a safe business is a successful business. The key to better business prospects that secure sustainability is these open source and commercial cyber tools.

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