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Airtract Nimit Gada Finance Professional with love for cooking and movies


Yes this sounds clichΓ© but after you've read my story below you'll certainly give it more importance.

This is a quick run-through of my journey from success to failure to success again.

I've been a topper throughout my secondary school grades. During my 9th grade I got to know that one of my cousins is appearing for CA CPT. Not knowing anything about it my curious mind decided to research about that course. That's when I found out it's the foundation level exam of the toughest course of finance in our country.

I thought it would be a cake walk for me. And by now you might have guessed it how this simple thought will mess up my coming years. Literally.


I appeared for 5 mock tests and guess what ? I failed in all of them. Failure hit me hard. I was devastated. A guy who had been a topper throughout school grades was unable to pass the mocks of CPT. 

Then when I sat for CPT  on first Sunday of June 2015 I had to keep my calm and not to think of my mock results. And I managed to do that and I passed. Yes, but with average marks.


I'll be carrying the memory of this course for my entire life. I bet. After passing CPT I was in seventh heaven. I forgot about my CPT mocks and like before I again thought IPCC would be a cake walk. But to my surprise this level turned out to be the most horrific phase of my life.
May 2016 - Failed both groups
Nov 2016 - Cleared first group
May 2017 - Failed second group
Nov 2017 - cleared second group. Finally.

Seemed like November attempts were lucky for me. 
Oh I forgot to mention that I started with CA Final classes and articleship as soon as after clearing IPCC group 1 like majority students do. So yes that period was a little too hectic because as you would be knowing that studying for 2 levels (IPCC Group 2 and Finals) simultaneously and to top it up with articleship was not one would have thought of doing on regular basis.


Nov 2019 attempt. I had not completed first reading of all subjects before the leaves except for Direct Taxes which is very much like boiling the ocean and Costing.

This time I didn't think of it as a cake walk. *Ha-ha* As soon as June started I made a plan for leave period beforehand so I don't waste time thinking during leaves "what to do next ?" A day-to-day plan was ready before leaves began which included first readings, revisions and mock tests. I was determined to stick to it come what may except for some unforeseen circumstances which required some tweaks like health issues, postponement of papers, etc. With the preparations going as planned the thought of getting an AIR also did struck my mind.
Came the exams. It started well with the first paper i.e. FR, and I scored exemption in it too.

Problem began after SFM. It went horrible and that's when I told to myself that forget AIR, I need to clear Finals in this very attempt. I panicked. That's what I did wrong but I knew my preparations for all papers and I would not like to disappoint myself this time. I kept my focus on current paper and took each paper at a time.

Results Day

I was in office and as soon as I got to know that results were declared I ran home. A common sight it was. I had put my credentials but the website was not loading the result in any of the devices at home. Just a little while after while the result was loading a dialog box popped up giving information regarding campus placements and asked me to press ok to further to the result.

I wondered why would the institute place this dialog box before I know my results. That moment. Trust me in that moment I suffered premature ventricular contractions or simply I skipped my heartbeat because I knew I've made it.
As soon as I pressed ok, the results appeared. Guess what ?


That's all I wanted and I shouted my lungs out. I made my family and myself proud that day. As I told you earlier, it seemed like November attempts were lucky for me. Indeed they were. *chuckles*

I took a deep breath and it took me a while to sink in the fact that it is CA Nimit Gada now onwards. The prefix that took me to a rollercoaster ride to achieve it. At the end it feels all right.

For me four mantras to success are

    1. Planning
    2. Execution
    3. Consistency
    4. Irresistance to Change

    If you do not plan you do not know what you will land up doing.
    If you do not execute the plan it is as bad as no plan.
    If you do not execute your plan consistently then you're just delaying your success.
    Lastly don't be rigid. While you'll be thinking of making changes to your plan others might have already made changes to their plans.

    4 attempts in CA IPCC and 1 in CA Final. It's not only me. Many have done this before. So if I can do it, even you can do it. 

    That's why I believe in the quote
    Failure is the stepping stone to success
    Wish you all the very best in whatever you're planning to do !

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