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Every Cook Needs an Apron: Here’s Why 08 June, 2020   

Whether you’re a chef in a professional kitchen, working in hospitality, or are preparing meals for your family, one thing is certain: if you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, then you require the use of an apron.

Though not everyone considers aprons to be that much of a necessity, more so as they don’t exactly make part of a traditional chef’s uniform, truth is you’re better off with one, as they make food prep and cooking that much easier. Luckily, there’s a wide range of chef aprons for sale you can find to satisfy both your taste in terms of style, colour, size and materials, and needs when it comes to hygiene and protection.

So, what are the benefits of wearing an apron?

Hygiene - It’s really easy to stain your clothes when in the kitchen because you work with all kinds of ingredients, cutting, mixing, stirring, frying, and if you don’t want to get the sort of spills and stains that don’t come off easily from your beloved clothing, then it’s a no-brainer you ought to wear an apron.

Besides, there’s also the fact the apron can serve as a towel when you don’t have one at hand, and furthermore, it’s meant to keep food safe from the germs that find themselves on your clothing, for example. Since the aprons are made of carefully chosen materials, you won’t have much trouble in maintaining them clean.

Functionality – When you get yourself chef aprons for sale, equipped with pockets, you can make the most of food prep and cooking because you have the storage you need to always keep the important kitchen tools and accessories at hand, be it utensils, thermometer, cutting board, timer, peeler, tweezers, sponge, or your beloved phone waiting to take the photos of the meals afterwards.

Having quick access to the tools you most need means saving yourself from the pressure that results from running to fetch them every time you have to use them. Besides the pockets, some aprons also have tea towel loops as part of the design which comes in handy too.

Safety – Working in the kitchen can easily become dangerous when you aren’t wearing the suitable clothing for protection having in mind it’s really easy to get burns when you’re boiling, baking or frying something. Though aprons can be found in various sizes, those that offer most protection are the knee-length type given that aside from covering the upper part, it covers the legs too, all the way down to the knees.

How to choose the ideal apron?

Since there’s a wide range of options of chef aprons for sale, you might be confused when it comes to the ideal one, so pay attention to the following aspects:

Purpose – When you’re working in a commercial kitchen, you require the apron daily, so have in mind it would have to be one of quality to withstand the daily wear and tear. Also, consider whether you’d be using it only for food prep and cooking or to do the dishes too – this goes particularly for the home use, in which case you’d need something that doesn’t get wet that easy, like rubber or nylon.

Cleanliness – This is more in terms of how washable the apron is, because working in a commercial kitchen requires clean aprons every day, and when you buy one that’s heavy duty it wouldn’t be that easy to wash and dry it as quickly as you need it, so think of the material when considering this aspect; if you want a quick drying model, you can’t go wrong by choosing cotton.

Heat Protection – As mentioned, the kitchen can be a rather dangerous place where you can burn yourself easily, and that’s where the apron proves to be essential. Still, it’s important to note, the extreme temperatures professional kitchens reach aren’t exactly to be compared to those of the personal kitchens, so depending on the kitchen where you cook, you can decide on the degree of protection you need.

Furthermore, when you work in a room with considerably high temperature, you require the use of clothing that’s breathable in order to stay comfortable, so this is yet another feature to take into account when working in a commercial kitchen.

Mobility – Now, this is one that’s connected to the size of the kitchen and how mobile you are, i.e. how long it takes you to go from one place to another to fetch things, like ingredients or kitchen tools and accessories; the bigger the kitchen is, the more mobile you are, which urges for the use of aprons with plenty of pockets for storage so you’d have the required items with you.

Style – When you’re shopping for a home apron, style may not be all too important to you, but it sure matters when you’re a professional chef, especially if you’re in contact with clients which is why it’s necessary to buy an apron that’s at the benefit of your professional image. Regardless of what your taste is, you’re sure to find aprons in different styles, ranging from the simpler to the more sophisticated.

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