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Email Marketing Best Practices- Checklist 18 March, 2019   

Email marketing is the new age advertising that also puts a personal touch on it. But what exactly is email marketing? Email marketing can be defined as the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people. Email marketing can turn potential clients into regular customer and how? Just by hitting the inbox!

When an email reaches an inbox, even if it is spam and not at all relevant to you, you will still probably spare a glance, and that makes the difference. A glance might ignite a spark of curiosity, and that will make the person know more about the product. Email marketing is mostly used to circulate advertisements, request business or sometimes even to solicit sales and donations. Email marketing makes sure that it elicits a feeling of loyalty in the receiver’s mind.

Email Marketing Tips:

With a good email marketing database, you can fetch the highest number of customers for your company and brand. Now, who doesn’t want a crazy fan following right? Of course, everyone does, and therefore we need absolute pro-tips to make sure that we get the email marketing done right and yield customers for our brand or company or product or whatever we are selling.

1. Everyone should take note of the audience.

Yes, you read it right. The audience is above all, your emails and the whole concept of email marketing is zilch without the right audience. Gone are the days when you could spam anyone or bombard people’s mailboxes with mail. Today the mailboxes are filtered and unless someone wants they will not be receiving any irrelevant emails. Email marketing in this century is focused. Hence, before sending out emails you must find out the perfect audience, those who actually might buy what you are selling and those who have searched for similar products already, target them, they are the potential buyers. The next task in your hand is to understand the minute details of audience behavior so that you can effectively personalize the language, tone, and delivery that is relatable for them. Build your own list of the receivers, and you will definitely ace it. Buying the list doesn’t really help plus if you think that more email addresses will yield more customers, you are wrong. It is just not a quantity-oriented game.

2. Design the CTA (call(s) to action).

Fun fact- CTA is the most important piece of content in your email. You must have an incredibly good and persuasive subject line that fetches more than a mere glance from the audience and compels them to open the mail and actually go through it. The CTA is one of the deciding factors in getting more buyers for your product, company or brand. But a major problem that you might face with CTA is that there is no bound rule on how to do it. Risks are inevitable, and you are on your own to find out what resonates with your audience the best. With CTA come the design and the content of the email which are equally important. You can use a template or hire a designer to design and develop the content in such a way that it grabs the attention of your audience. Above all, you have to make sure that the design, content, and CTA align with your brand, company or product that you are selling.

3. Emails should be engaging.

Airtract-ImageYou do not want your audience to glance through the email and roll their eyes, do you? You can use engagement metrics and find out if your audience like what they are receiving, in fact not just that let them be in control. This will help you greatly. Engagement gives the audience the power to control the frequency. However, the frequency is also in your control, and you must make sure that the frequency of your emails maintains consistency as well as keeps up the interest.

Set-list of email marketing practices:

  • Now, these were some of the most important factors that define the whole email marketing but did you think this was the end of it? Well, there are plenty of other things that should be noted while you hit the vast sea of email marketing.

  • With email marketing, it is quite impossible to win big at just one go. Hence, you must keep your anticipation level at the check and celebrate small wins. But work consistently for better and bigger achievements.

  • Right time and customization is everything in email marketing. You must send an email when people are awake and in their leisure hours. No one likes spams or advertisements when they are too busy or too relaxed. You have to figure out a time when it is just perfect, and your audience will actually open the email and read through it.

  • Referral codes or discount coupons or rewards can help you greatly. People like to take before they give and that does work in email marketing as well. So before you take, give your audience something to rejoice. One of the best and proven email marketing practices to date.

  • Social proofs are another important factor. Use them; they are of great help. Have you ever received emails from the shopping apps that actually take note of what you searched for and customize it according to your needs? That is exactly what will help you. You will read the emails out of curiosity, and your audience will definitely want to know what has been curated just for them.

  • Just the beginnings aren’t what attract the traffic. Did you know that when you send emails regarding how a sale is about to end in a few hours might actually fetch you double the traffic than an email regarding the commencement of sale? Yes, that’s absolutely how we human beings are. Most of the time we push things to the last minute, and we react in a very similar way in case of email marketing too.

  • Take care of your mistakes. Your mistakes will definitely jinx your success and know that there is actually no room for it in email marketing practices. Your audience definitely will not want to believe or read through a mistake-laden email. Remind your readers the value of their precious time and trust.

  • Always ask for feedback. Why? Because that shows that you are humble and you are ready to make it a better experience for your audience.

  • Announcements are a way to include more people. They make people feel like they are a part of something.

  • Creating an exclusive club for your audience will make them feel special, and your email marketing practices can reach new heights.

  • Always make your emails bold and prominent. It must make the eyes glued to the screen and it is one of the most important email marketing practices.

  • Last but not the least; do not forget to add a thank you note. Thank your audience for the time that they have spared.

     Wondering how email marketing became such a buzzword? Well, email marketing actually isn’t really very new; it has been here for some time. It was initially used to enhance the relationship between the merchant and customer, which it continues to do so but today it is a major advertisement kind. Email marketing makes it look like the companies, or brands care and understand your needs. At times, it can be really convincing and like already mentioned it can change potential buyers to repetitive customers. Wondering what helped email marketing the most? The answer is technology. If technology didn’t hold hands and grow rapidly email marketing wouldn’t be standing where it is today. Email marketing practices have evolved constantly over the years, and today you have seen the best email marketing practices above.  

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