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Efficient ways for dimension measurement & reverse engineering with 3D scanning services 12 November, 2020   

3d scanning is more than a miracle for companies regardless of their industries. This technology is not just boosting the product development cycle but also aids companies with higher cost optimization. When it comes to accurate dimension measurements and reverse engineering processes, 3d scanning helps engineers perform jobs speedily. 

Performing accurate data coordinates measurement and reverse engineering with the traditional approach is a long haul and error-prone process. And, to optimize the entire job execution, industries are moving towards automation and modern technology. 

With the growing demand for high-quality and complex products, the need for 3d scanning service is surging rapidly. There are multiple methods present to measure dimensions of an object accurately. Be it preparing a CAD model or reverse engineering; these methods offer faster turnaround with error-free automation. 

Handheld laser scanning method:

This is among the most popularly used methods by engineers for preparing 3d cad models. It's a high-accuracy and laser-based scanning device which attaches to a robotic arm, or it can be operated manually. This method brings ease of operations, and it makes the coordination and data collection easy. 

With this handheld scanner, a CAD service provider can scan objects of any size and complex shape. It's portability, speed and accuracy make this method mainstream for measurement and reverse engineering. 

Several industries including automobile, consumer goods manufacturers and OEMs, leverage this process to scan objects with full automation. In case you are working on a new prototype, you can avail professional 3d scanning services to get your job done faster. 

Benefits of Handheld laser scanning 

  • Handheld scanners have advanced auxiliary sensors that offer improved processing and accuracy.

  • Engineers get dimension measurement with pinpoint accuracy within millimetres.

  • These handheld scanners offer greater portability; hence they are easy to operate in different environments.

Coordinate-measuring Machine (CMM)

The CMM scanning operates with optical encoders that help in gathering notably accurate scanned data as compared to other methods. This method is ideal while scanning complex body structures that possess a large number of minute details. 

Although they come with greater preciseness, they can't gather data points with high-speed rate. Many industries, including automotive, and construction use 3d modelling services to ease the manual process. 

Benefits of CMM scanning method

  • CMM scanning offers more flexibility as they can measure any dimension.

  • CMM process reduces human intervention and can work efficiently in mass scanning. 

  • The analytical and computational information available through this process improves quality.

Computed Tomography (CT) dimension measurement

CT scanning uses x-rays, and it precisely produces 3D representations of an object. The essential advantage of using this technology is that it can rapidly scan both external and internal data coordinates of the item and produce more information for reverse engineering. With such robust advancements, this scanning technique is widely used in the medical industry. 

CT scan's non-invasive and destruction-less properties make it a safer option for multiple industries and applications. To fulfil the ever-growing demand for CT methods, many companies now offer professional 3d scanning services in Melbourne and other cities.

Benefits of CT scanning:

  • Faster Product quality compliance in an automated way.

  • In-depth failure and fatigue analysis.

  • Material analysis 

Long-range scanning

Industries use long-range scanning methods for performing large-scale data-gathering operations. They are very capable scanners, and they can function without interruptions in poor environmental conditions. 

3d scanning service provider use this technology to detect early flaws in the design and architecture while creating blueprints. Be big bridges, factory components, or large custom parts; this method offers more stability with faster data points capturing. 

Benefits of Long-range scanning

  • It offers extensive data capturing capabilities as compared to other methods.

  • Suitable for resource-intensive scanning or 3d cad drawing services.

  • Long-range avoids human intervention to a greater extent with its stable automation.

Robust 3d scanning for reverse engineering services

Reverse engineering industry will be of around $8 billion by the year 2023. The demand for this advanced service kept growing as industries put more focus on research and development. The most significant advantage of leveraging 3d scanning in reverse engineering is details-rich CAD models that help engineers with understanding. 

Be it chassis reverse engineering using 3d CAD or analysis of an old or discontinued party; this process reveals all critical data. 3d scanning is helping companies in manufacturing complex parts with better structural improvements. 

Many companies provide professional 3d CAD modelling in Melbourne and other areas to ease complexities with product manufacturing. 

Reverse engineering for modernizing designs

With growing customers' demand for personalized products, reverse engineering is playing a pivotal role in getting the job done. With this method, an engineer can perform reverse engineering on a computer program to scan data coordinates accurately. 

Most of the classic objects and antiques present among us are without or very poor documentation. To restore an old part, engineers can prepare a full-fledged 3d CAD model within hours. You will find a lot of companies that offer reverse engineering and 3d scanning in cities like Victoria, Perth and more to cater to your requirement. 

Empower your business or personal project with these cutting-edge technologies. All you need to look for the best 3d scanning or drafting services in Australia or where you live and get started. With all such technical advancements, companies can deliver high-quality products with higher durability.

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