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Drawing is basically the same as it has been since the prehistoric times. It is a magical way to bring together man and the world. Just like every other activity, the key to learning to draw is good foundational instruction which enables you to happily and interestingly  work until you own it. No one could have ever imagined that technologically most advanced machines i.e. robots, that man has ever invented would become tutors for drawing. Anyone can learn how to draw accurately and realistically—without years of grueling study under the guidance of these robots. Drobo-Tutor is the world’s first robot that has been designed to teach drawing in the simplest way.

Designed in the shape of a beautiful butterfly, Drobo is a smart, intuitive and a personalized drawing tutor for the kids and adults. This artificially intelligent machine can guide anyone to draw their favourite pictures in an uncomplicated way. Drobo can make a drawing on any smooth vertical platform like a drawing board or a paper on canvas. It needs only a drawing board or paper on canvas, any coloring pen, a pair of suction cups and a mobile with Drobo App to start working.

The uniqueness of this compact robot lies in the fact that it draws the image in a simple and systematic step by step way. It comes with a very user friendly Drobo mobile application. The app allows the user to choose and upload any picture from its library or from internet. Drobo conceives the image and identifies its different parts in a simple way using 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Deep Learning Algorithms'. It then draws the image step by step in a systematic way, facilitating the learner to grasp the knack easily.And this is the USP of the product. After each step, it takes a short pause giving you ample time to copy the step.

The Drobo mobile app comes with a huge collection of images for kids and adults of various age-groups.  You can choose to draw from millions of images available on web or on the Drobo app. Drobo can draw an image using any crayon ,sketch pen or any other coloring pen of your choice. Team is trying to sync it with other AI systems like Google and Alexa .

The product has been developed by a team of five young and energetic enthusiasts with an objective to make drawing a joyful entertainment for everyone and especially for kids so that they confidently pick up a pencil and draw anything they like. The team consists of engineers and product designers who have worked in world class companies like Microsoft, Yahoo-Labs & Oracle R&D.


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