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Difference between sales and marketing - Explained. 11 April, 2019   

Sales and Marketing are the two terms that are most commonly used in the world of business. Both these terms have one common agenda, and that is to find out a way to increase the revenue of a business. The distinctive features that separate the two will be our prime concern today. We will talk about every little detail that ends up separating the two. So, let us get started with the difference between sales and marketing. 

What are sales?

To understand the difference between sales and marketing, you need to understand what they mean and stand for. The main objective of a business or a firm is to sell goods and services to customers who are willing to pay the right price for it. Sales continue to occur through a long chain of transfer of the goods. The only moto that sales has or will ever have is to increase the revenue of a firm. Various methods are followed by business organizations to promote sales and increase revenue. 

What is marketing?

Don't get all confused in your head for it is not that difficult to understand. Did you follow what sales are? Now, get ready to understand what marketing stands for. Marketing is the process of explaining or convincing the customers that the product or service your company is selling worth their money.

Those of you have studied business administration like me will know that marketing is all about the 4P’s. These P’s stand for the Product that your company is selling; the Price of the product that is in question; the Place where the product is sold and how the product was Promoted. All of these things about marketing make sales so interesting. 

What is the difference between sales and marketing?

Now, that you have got a glimpse of both sales and marketing, it is going to be easier for you to understand the difference between the two. So, let us proceed. 

• By definition

Marketing is a huge part of a company that leads to sales. It includes the much-needed research to proceed forward. Marketing involves the classification of a product, the development of it, and the most important part about marketing is to make people want to buy your product. Marketing of a company should be done in a way that people are willing to spend their money and time on it. 

On the other hand, sales take up the task of persuading the target audience to buy the product that marketing has so beautifully sent out the door. Sales convince a person about the product the company is trying to sell, is worth buying.

By purpose

Sales and marketing vary from one another depending on the purpose they serve to a business. The only objective that sales have is to transfer ownership of a product or service to the customer who is willing to pay for it.

On the other hand, marketing is not limited to that small concept. It is much wider than you can anticipate. Marketing takes up the task of doing thorough research and understands the needs of a customer. It studies the market and the trends that are being followed. Marketing comes up with ways to advertise its products in such a way that the target audience is willing to buy the product. This is one of the key differences between sales and marketing. 

By approaching the customers

Once again marketing involves the bigger picture here. It involves us to widen our gaze and see how it initiates the sale of a product. All the work it does is to understand the needs of the target audience and the condition of the market.

It makes sure that the market will continue to need the product that the company has spent its resource, time, effort and money on producing. Marketing keeps in mind both the short-term and long-term goals; whereas, sales make sure that demand and supply of the product match with each other. 

By effectiveness

Another thing to consider while understanding the intermingled co-relation between sales and marketing is for how long their effect lasts. Marketing teams shoot for long-term effects. They put in all the needed effort to create the brand that people will recognize in the future.

It is a long process that involves a whole lot of research. In a world where the market is full of homogenous products, companies have to find that edge to be different from others. For that, they need to look at the bigger picture and work accordingly. 

Sales are intended and directed towards short-term goals. All it cares about is selling the product in hand and converting the demand into sales. 

Does marketing help sales or sales help marketing?

By now you have understood that although they are totally different from one another, there still lies a bond that ties the two together. Sales will not be able to function without the presence of marketing. How do you expect to sell a product that people don't know about? There is no way you can do that.

Marketing lays the ground on which sales walks. Although the procedure which marketing follows isn't direct, it has a straight relation to sales. It takes up the task of advertising the product, branding it so that people relate to it, engaging the public to like the product that is being talked about, sending emails to remind the customers about why they should purchase the product and create awareness in the minds of the customers about it. 

Sales deal with customers. It also depends on the calls and networking procedures that the salesperson takes up to sell his product in hand. 

By interaction or relationship

One of the major differences between sales and marketing is the kind of interaction it has with the audience. Marketing reaches out to millions of customers at the same time. Advertising a product in a fascinating way comes under marketing. This is how marketing grabs the attention of everyone at the same time.

The continuous reminder of the product makes a customer remember it. Customers start to remember a product by the brand due to the effective use of marketing, sales, on the other hand, deals with one interaction at a time. 

By focus

Sales are based on the ‘now.’ The sales team and sales personnel think about how to sell the product right now. Their focus is all about it. But, a marketing team can't do that. They have to keep in mind the recent trends and demands in the market and come up with ways so that the product creates a demand in the future. 

By activity

Sales are an activity that is based on interactions with customers. It is directly linked to that. Marketing, on the other hand, is all about endorsing the product and portraying it on the different social media. 

By priority

Another point of difference between sales and marketing is based on the priority of the customers. 

Sales take the product in hand as the priority and keep the need of the customers in the back seat. Marketing, on the other hand, does everything keeping the needs of the customers in mind. It proceeds with its work of action identifying the needs that customers have. 

When you understand the functions of marketing and sales in business and understand the difference between sales and marketing, it gives you a better view of the whole picture. Sales and Marketing can be poles apart from one another but under no circumstances can a company function without either one of them. 

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