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Difference Between Religion And Spirituality – Explained 20 November, 2018   

Both spirituality and religion refer to the desire of every individual to find God or inner peace. When it comes to religion, it includes some rituals and literature for its devotion. On the other hand, spirituality utilizes only personalized meditation and prayer. 

Most of the outsiders think that religion is entirely about ritual and spirituality avoids the thing which is becoming meaningless via repetition. The religious rituals are used to foster the believer community which brings both physical and spiritual successor to the members.

 In simple words, religion denotes many beliefs that are concerning the purpose, cause, and nature of the globe. It commonly involves moral code, ritual, and devotional observances. Indifference, spirituality is defined as a quality of appearing as spiritual.

According to the definitions of these terms, spirituality vs religion is the being versus believing. The main focus on religion is the explanation of people’s beliefs as well as the outworking of a belief. The focus of spirituality has become highly attuned to the unworldly affairs.

It is likely to be fully spiritual without appearing as religious and religious without appearing as spiritual. The difference between religion and spirituality is really important so that you can understand these two terms properly. This post will share useful details regarding the important terms and spirituality vs religion.

More about Religion and Spirituality


It is a well-known fact that a religious individual follows particular beliefs as reality and also observe particular rituals. If you are a person belonging to the Christian religion, you can believe that Jesus is the son of God and observes communion and baptism. People of Muslim religion trusts Allah as their God and also observes salat and Ramadan.

Indifference, spirituality is one of the important facts of appearing as spiritual.  It is essential to know that spirituality is observed with the help of various spiritual things.  Reading scripture, meditation, praying and offering to the charity are few things performed by a person who follows spirituality.

It is the main spirituality vs religion.  Most of the concepts of spirituality are very conceptual when compared with religion. It is because religions commonly promote the only creed. It also has some defined ethics code which is tangible.

Spirituality appears in the indefinable realm of vague. Due to this, there are lots of individuals in the postmodern Western society who see religion as wrong and spirituality as right. Religious practice can lead to evil or good.

Also, some individuals think that helping needy people is one of the spiritual things, while others think that murder is the spiritual act. The difference between religion and spirituality is easily known by learning more about religion and spirituality.

The variation between Spirituality and Religion

Almost every individual may say that he/she believes in the power of god higher than himself/herself.  Few individuals admit fitting in a particular religion, while some others tell that they are spiritual. Of course, the explanations of spirituality and religion are basically intertwined.

The Basic definition of Spirituality and Religion

The term spirituality refers to the essential essence or spirit of humanity.  If the people are spiritual, they are working effectively for the better and have grown the inner force. The religious individuals are commonly spiritual individuals, but spiritual individuals never have to necessarily be religious.

The religious individuals may work for reaching an increased level of spirituality via alternative methods. Religion is the invention of human that focuses on particular stories and rituals which outline the basic belief system and moral code.

Often religions have the hierarchy of some initiates with people who are additionally into their inner peace leading the overall rituals for the particular populace. The difference between religion and spirituality is really more, so you can learn about them properly to know the variation between them.

View of Outsider


For the outsider, spirituality is somewhat complex to recognize.  Because of the introduction of the latest philosophy, most of the individuals strive to reach an increased level of spirituality through chanting, contemplation, meditation or prayer. They are actually espoused by particular religions.

The rituals are the major characteristics of religion. Also, it looks like some certain things from religious people. It includes abstaining from or eating certain goods, praying at the week or day and learning some chants or studying from a particular text.

Opinion from the Sociologist

Spirituality is an individual phenomenon. When the secular society turns into highly supportive through social programs and nationality unity, the requirement belonging to the religious group actually lessened. Most of the individuals look for an extremely individual approach.

 As religion is the social unity force, it is available within the group. It is also known as the believer’s community. It strives for the uniformity of action and thought in its group members. It also brings the members an excellent physical support and also spiritual support.

Many religions come with charitable arms aimed to distribute clothing and food to the poor. It is another point of spirituality vs religion.

Major differences between Religion and Spirituality


The difference between religion and spirituality is easily understandable with the help of the below mentioning points. Individuals tend to believe in spirituality as rather very mysterious and strange. People also struggle to know spirituality vs religion.

In fact, spirituality is possibly an important thing. In simple terms, it is the process of recognizing your personal conscious by yourself.

·  Spirituality does not contain any rules 

Instead of following any set of rules or a particular ideology, you can follow your own heart with the help of spirituality. Additionally, it cheers people to listen to their intuition. Spirituality helps you to do the things which are good for yourself.

It also sets your complete free for being for the best. The reward of spirituality is inner happiness.

·  Know the truth with religion and discover the truth with spirituality

Spirituality allows you to discover both questions and precise answers without getting help from others.  Also, it powers someone to find their own reality in everything.

·  Walk your distinctive path

Rather than the old stories regarding Gods and angels, spirituality cheer people to make their individual path and develop their personal stories. It sets people on the path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

·  Variation between punishment and karma

Spirituality simply talks regarding Karma instead of telling about the hell threat or punishment.

·  Spirituality gathers and religious splits

Now, you can find out lots of religions.  Every religion tells that its story is a true story. When it comes to spirituality, it only sees the reality in everything and also unites them due to the reality is similar for everyone despite your uniqueness and differences.

Along with this, it also focuses on the overall quality of divine sayings they actually share.

·  Spirituality is only based on love

The difference between religion and spirituality is that religion is entirely about fear and spirituality is based on pure love.  Spirituality also cheers people to focus their energy on good things. It is the main reason why people are following spirituality.

When you make a decision, it will surely empower you and helps you to feel your inner soul as well as become braver.

This article shows that spirituality and religion come with their distinctive purposes & methods and their own fields of knowledge. They are really good at various things.

In short, spirituality is fully concerned with discovering subjective truths, satisfaction, meaning, and connection. The subject matter of religion is happiness, transcendence, and growth.

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