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Dentist Reveals 7 Methods to Save Your Child's Teeth 05 March, 2020   

A child's teeth are more prone to cavities and decay than an adult's. Negligence and bad oral health measures taken by parents until the age of 5-8 can lead to a chain of dental problems that may last life long among children. These dental problems usually include tooth decay, which may even result in the use of crown pediatrics to get rid of it. However, on the contrary, your child can have healthy oral hygiene and stay away from any dental problems if you take good care and inculcate conventional oral hygiene practices from a young age. Let's further discuss the seven methods to save your child's teeth.     

1. A dental checkup before the first year     

Yes, it is essential to take your infant for a dental checkup before their first birthday. It's a common perception that children require dental checkup when the teeth start developing fully .i.e., after 18 months or so. An early visit to the dentist can save your child from suffering in the long run. A checkup with a pediatrician before the first birthday can help you take necessary preventive measures regarding any tentative dental problems that may further develop as the child grows up. Therefore, many dentists recommend parents to schedule a dental checkup for their child before the age of 1 year.  

2. Do not put the child to nap with a bottle    

Most parents tend to let the child nap while sipping on milk or juice from a bottle. Dentists suggest avoiding this practice as these sugary fluids hold on to the teeth causing bacteria build-up and may further result in tooth decay. The bacteria present around teeth and the gums, cause enamel erosion, which may create severe dental problems in the future. Unless it's just water in the bottle and not sugary fluids like milk and juice, avoid letting your little one doze off sipping on fluids.     

3. Reduce the intake of antibiotics and pain killers        

It's better to limit the intake of any non-opioid painkillers as most of them manufactured for children are sugary due to the added flavors. However, even if given under unavoidable circumstances, make sure to brush your child's teeth after its intake. General antibiotics can also create the development of yeast called candida, which may further cause fungal infections. Some antibiotics are also responsible for causing white flecks on the developing teeth making it prone to decay.     

4. Inculcate a proper oral hygiene routine       

Proper oral hygiene routine is crucial to keep your child's smile healthy and away from any dental problems. Inculcate a habit of brushing the teeth twice a day as it takes 12 hours for the plaque to harden. Many dentists recommend gently brushing your child's gums with the help of a soft baby toothbrush and some water, even before the teeth arise, to eliminate the growth of bacteria. Develop a healthy oral hygiene routine from an early age among children and ensure they brush their teeth before bedtime. Avoid giving them anything to eat or drink except water after brushing until the morning.   

5. Monitor the intake of sugary juices      

It is evident that parents want to be mindful of vitamin consumption, and children, on the other hand, only relish the taste and flavor of juices. While undoubtedly, juices provide the required vitamins but also increases the chances of a cavity due to the combination of sugars and acids present in them. So to be on the safer side, encourage the consumption of juices only during the meals. Remember, the intake of these sugars and acids combined could be equivalent to the impact caused by the consumption of sodas.     

6. Make your child eat solid foods 

Here is something where most of the parents go wrong. Feeding the children with only soft foods is a faulty practice, according to many dentists. Most parents feed their children with smooth foods because either they are worried that hard foods can cause choking or because the child likes to eat only soft foods. Either way, dentists suggest that impoverished diet and food habits are some of the significant reasons for dental problems amongst children. A child needs to chew the food properly, and failing to do so can cause several health problems.      

7. Adequate amounts of fluoride        

Fluoride hardens the enamel, thus making it difficult for acids and bacteria to penetrate and cause dental problems. In most of the urban cities, the water contains fluoride, so as long as your little one drinks water from the tap, you need not worry. However, if you happen to reside in an area where the water does not contain fluoride, it is better to consult the dentist about any fluoride supplements suitable for children. Toothpaste also contains small amounts of fluoride, so make sure that your child uses one of them. On the contrary, too much fluoride is not advisable as it leads to discoloration of the teeth.       

Now you know the top seven methods recommended by dentists to keep your child's teeth healthy. Apart from these, make sure that your child eats green leafy vegetables as the vitamin contents in those keeps any dental problems away. Also, taking good care of your child's teeth not just helps prevent any dental problems but also helps in the proper development of the jaw, and contributes to the overall wellness of the child.

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